At Home Lashes Are Easier (And Cheaper) According to Celebrity MUA

Celebrity MUA Michael Brown shares his tips on how to maintain false lashes yourself.

With beauty salons reopening on June 1, celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown tells why consumers do not need to go back to the salon and are able to keep lashes fresh themselves.

Michael Brown in black suit smiling at camera
Michael Brown is one of Australia’s best known names in beauty and makeup.

Michael is one of Australia’s best-known names in beauty and makeup.

He is also an Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty for the Australia and South-East Asian region, Hair Tools Ambassador for VS Sassoon, Lash Expert with Ardell Lashes, Skin Partner with Olay and Hair Styling Pro with Moroccanoil.

As a celebrity makeup artist, he has collaborated with supermodels and celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen, Sofia Richie, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Hawkins in his career.

Sofia Richie and Michael Brown smiling for a selfie
Michael Brown is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with clients such as model Sofia Richie.

Here are some tips from Michael to keep lashes fresh and beautiful yourself.

Must-haves for DIY false lashes

It is important to nail the application process of temporary false lashes to avoid damaging natural lashes and to ensure they last.

“I have always been 50/50 on lash extensions,” says Michael. “Yes, they are very convenient, but they do damage your natural lashes and I find 80% of users go too big in lash size.”

Close up of woman's face.
Temporary false lashes come in a range of different styles to suit each individual’s unique eye shape.

As a celebrity makeup artist, he emphasises that lash application is not one-size-fits-all scenario.

To accommodate varying eye shapes, there are faux lashes that can be customised to suit the individual while replicating the natural base line of lash extensions.

“I recommend the Ardell Lashes Extension FX range ($5.90 each) as they come in 4 styles from more natural length to longer and are designed for certain eyes shapes.”

For those who had lash extensions applied right before the shutdown, lash gaps are a main point of concern.

To avoid the look of lash gaps and sparse lashes, individual lashes can be applied to fill in those gaps and keep the eyes looking fresh.

“Individual lashes are a great ‘gap fix’. Use tweezers to give extra reach for an easy application to lash line.”

Selecting the best lashes for your eye shape

Selecting the best lashes for a particular eye shape can take some time with trial and error.

However, there are some simple rules of thumb that can allow users to select the perfect lashes customised to their individual eye shape.

“Lashes are like eyeshadow, they add shading to the eye area,” says Michael. “Shading can recede an area to add definition and structure, so think about what you want for eyes.”

False eyelashes on woman with green eyes
The D-Curl lashes from the Ardell Lashes Extension FX range helps to widen the eyes, perfect for almond and close-set eye shapes.

He notes that a lift on the outer eye can be used for a wide-eye effect, while a lift in the central eye area creates a more open eye look.

Lashes that have length in the centre of the eye are a suitable to add shading for deep-set, hooded or heavy eyelids, while lashes that are longer on the outer lash mimics the look of a winged liner, lifting outer eye area as a result.

“L Curl & B Curl are longer in the centre of the lash, so they target on lifting the eyes from the middle socket area, whereas the C Curl & D Curl are longer on the outer corner of the eye to elongate the eye, perfect for round or close-set eyes, giving an almond eye effect.”

False lash hacks for beginners

Applying false lashes can be especially challenging for those starting out, with the application process becoming more difficult if the lashes are too long.

If the false lashes are longer than the natural lash line, this will cause the lashes to overhang, making the eyeline appear downturned.

DUO False Lash Adhesive
Michael recommends using Duo Lash Adhesive to use as glue for false lashes.

“Don’t be afraid to trim lashes, as it makes application so much easier,” says Michael. “It’s better to trim the outer lash to fit slightly shorter than your natural lashes, this will make a perfect fit, smoother baseline for the glue to bond and give a more lifted look to your eyes.”

Michael recommends using Duo Lash Adhesive to use as glue. “Only apply a very thin layer, wait a minute for the glue to become a little tacky and then apply to lash line for a quicker bond.”

Protecting natural lashes when using false lashes

There are often concerns about the potential damage false lashes can have on natural lashes.

In fact, Michael says false lashes are actually much healthier for natural lashes, as the bonds used in lash extensions can actually pull out and weaken natural lashes.

Woman with false lashes applied to her
False lashes are actually much healthier for natural lashes, as the bonds used in lash extensions can pull out and weaken natural lashes.

Michael comments that taking a break is “really good for lash extension users, allowing natural lashes to heal and grow thicker.”

Faux lashes might have to be re-applied more often than lash extensions, but this allows for no wear and tear on natural lashes and your lash looks super fresh with every application, rather than having gaps and spider leg lashes going everywhere.

“Faux lashes can be reused multiple times, as long as you peel off excess glue from the lash baseline from previous use. This makes the baseline fresh again for a perfect fit.”

Michael also notes that false lashes can be slept in, depending upon one’s sleeping position and the quality of the adhesive application.

Girl in a white shirt sleeping in a bed near pink flowers. View from above
Celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown says that false lashes can be slept in, depending on sleeping position and quality of adhesive application.

“The most common areas of detachment are the inner and outer corners, so just make sure those are quite secure and lashes can last as long as you want, but will detach with water or rubbing of the eyes.”

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