A Beginners Guide To Face Masks

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In the current climate for beauty and skincare,  there is a face mask for literally any skin type or issue. Here is how to know which one to use for your skin.

Not only can a face mask provide some much needed ‘chill time’, it also can be used to cure an array of skin issues including oily, dry, dull, or dehydrated skin.

However, at times is can be difficult to determine what face mask will help you with what problem.

Bondi Beauty will break down the four most common types of face masks, and what they are best for.

Clay Mask

Generally, clay masks are used because the clay can absorb oil from the skin and detoxify the skin as it draws out impurities.

The Alkira Purifying Facial Masque uses Kaolin clay to absorb the skins oil to clarify one’s complexion and rid toxins from the skin.

Alkira Purifying Facial Masque

It uses Australian Botanicals of Lilly Pilly, Desert Lime and Kangaroo Paw to hydrate, protect and clear the skin.

Price: $17.95

Use if: You have oily skin

Pore Mask

The average adult has 20,000 pores on their face. Now think about those 20,000 pores being clogged with oil and dirt… See the importance of pore masks now? Pore masks are necessary to get rid of the build up of makeup, skincare and toxins overtime.

The Biore Blue Agave and Baking Soda Warming Clay Mask is formulated to deeply cleanse pores. It uses Blue Agave to soothe and condition pores, and baking soda to provide a deep cleanse. It works by heating when in contact with water to open up the pores and draw out dirt and out in one minute.

Price: $11.50

Use if: you have clogged pores

Cream Mask

Cream masks are probably the most common and simple type of mask on the market. They are usually inoffensive to any skin type, and can only enhance the skin. They can be used first thing in the morning to wake up the face, or at night to calm the skin after a long day.

The Rodan and Fields Reverse Radiance Mask is a gold metallic mask that boasts its ability to create a luminous complexion. It uses Glycolic Acid and Tumeric Extract to boost radiance and eliminate dull, uneven skin and long term use will yield an even skin tone.

Price: $83.00

Use if: You have dull, lacklustre skin and after a clay mask to rehydrate the skin

Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are the perfect way to quickly re-hydrate the skin in a simple way. Usually only needed for 10 minutes, sheet masks make the skin feel fresh and reenergised, essential before a big night ahead.

The Transformazing sheet mask by Go-To Skincare is a serum drenched sheet mask that soaks thirsty skin. Crafted with Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime and Tasmanian Pepper Leaf to achieve bright skin.

Transformazing sheet mask by Go-To Skincare

Price: $9 per mask

Use if: You want plump, hydrated skin

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