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The Body Shop is calling time on anti-ageing with their new skincare range ‘Drops of Youth’.

Instead of combating age or the way we look, The Body Shop have decided it’s time to embrace what makes us unique and celebrate our features – that means all our funny lines and more.

Teaming up with well-known astrologer and face reading expert Dadhichi Toth; The Body Shop’s new skincare range Drops of Youth has been created to work with key features and astrology of the face, such as laugh lines and frown lines, helping to compliment them in ways which has never been done before by a beauty brand.

“Your face reveals valuable information about your character and destiny.” Dadhichi says. “And just like palmastry, the lines of the face tell a story about your life.”

how to read your face lines
Like your palms, the lines on your face can tell a story of your life.

Here’s what Toth says about the lines on your face.

The Solar Line represents personality, energy and longevity. If this line is prominent it means your vitality is strong. If it’s too overpowering or unbroken, you’re destined for success.

The Mars Line represents energy and power. If present this line drives energy, courage and ambition. As a result you may have fiery relationships, particularly if the line is broken.

The Jupiter Line represents wisdom, luck and money. If present, this line represents a high level of integrity, wisdom and spirituality. If particularly prominent you may acquire a large amount of money in your life.

The Venus Line represents sociability, love and romance. If this line is clear, it will bring you much good fortune. If other lines cross Venus, it may result in riches and possible fame.

The Mercury Line represents communication, intelligence and imagination. If well-formed, you will have great social skills. An upward curve of this line means you’ll experience luck in life. And if the line is broken into three parts you have a great sense of humour.

The Eye Lines represent joy and decision making. Soft lines which go out from the eye (the crow’s feet as otherwise known) shows a joyful life. If these lines get too deep it could mean you have too much stress and tension in your life.

Finally the Life Line, this represents energy, longevity and power. Also known as laugh lines, these are the lines which show what kind of life you have lived so far. If long and curved, you have an active life and this will continue into old age.

With the idea that healthy skin has no age, The Body Shop’s new Drops of Youth skincare range focuses on the above face line reading to give you the care needed for combating a variety of skincare concerns.

Because healthier skin can help skin feel and look younger, with the lines and all.

The Body Shop Drops of youth Liquid Peel
The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel RRP $37

Healthier skin always starts with the right protection, this is the core foundation of the new product range. From their Gentle Foaming Face Wash RRP $25, their Liquid Peel RRP $37, Youth Concentrate RRP $49-69, Sheet Mask RRP $9 and their Youth Cream RRP $45, each product has been carefully formulated with ingredients which work to protect the skin from not just the environmental impacts of being outdoors, but from being indoors as well.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor pollution can be up to five times more concentrated than pollution outside. Which means we need to be looking at ways to protect the skin indoors just as much as we do when we are outdoors.

Each product in the new Drops of Youth range has an increase in natural antioxidants compared to any other product, with 99 percent of those ingredients being of natural origin.

Drops of Youth Sleep Mask

Skin will be healthier, well-protected, will retain moisture for longer and will glow with freshness from all the yummy ingredients contained within the Drops of Youth skincare range.

“There is nothing on this planet, not one thing, that will take away thirty years of arguing with your husband, or forty years of environmental abuse.”

Anita Roddick – founder of The Body Shop

But there are ways we can help protect the skin and nurture it with the right ingredients to help us feel and look better as we age.

I trialled the NEW Drops of Youth – Youth Concentrate RRP $49 and found they gave me significant results after seven days of use.

Although these drops are not designed to hide the lines on the face, I did find those areas; which were more often than not dryer than other parts of my face, better nourished, making them appear more youthful due to the added hydration boost provided by the concentrated ingredients of the serum.

Especially around my laugh lines and on the forehead. The texture is soft and absorbs quickly into the skin, making it easy to wear day and night with any other product, especially foundation.

The serum doesn’t have the rich botanical smell of natural ingredients I’ve come to expect from normal Body Shop Products, but I was actually okay with this as the serum delivers on everything it says it does.

My Favourite Beauty Product of the Week:

Designer Brands Cover Up Under Eye Corrector RRP $11.99

Sometimes, there are those days, when life simply just catches up. It could be from doing too many extra hours at work, perhaps a little too much play, or maybe you have a newborn bub which keeps you up most of the night. These are the days you need a magic stick of under eye concealer to boost the appearance of your eyes.

This under eye corrector by Designer Brands is seriously good value. It’s smooth to apply, hides everything you need it to and is infused with Hyaluronic Acid to help keeps eyes well hydrated and plump.

The stick has a twist design, so you twist and click when you the concealer to apply to the small brush at the tip and once the brush is coated with a generous amount, start applying under the eye area and blend with a small makeup brush. It blends easily enough with any type of foundation and can be used either under or over foundation, depending on your application style. Eyes will look refreshed, smooth and bright, making you ready to face the day.

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