7 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

the best beauty hacks

These innovative beauty hacks are the only ones I swear by – and you need to know them too.

Sydney-based freelance makeup artists Michal Horry shares her top beauty hacks we should all live by:

From ways to keep your lipstick on for longer, to how you can keep blush from disappearing throughout the day, these are the beauty hacks I swear by.

M a k e u p   H a c k  #1: Bronzer as eye shadow

This is one of my favourite tricks in the book. I love to use my bronzer as eye shadow to warm up the crease for a quick and subtle bronze look. You can use any bronzer you have and a big fluffy brush to dust it on the lid and crease, easy as that!

M a k e u p   H a c k  #2: How to get long lasting lipstick

A great tip for long lasting lips I love to do on clients, is to outline and shade your lips with your lip liner of choice, then to apply one coat of lipstick, I like to use a lip brush to get that perfect, precise application. Next gently blot your lips with a tissue and repeat two more times. After you’ve done that hold the tissue to your lips and finish off by lightly dusting translucent powder onto your lips with a powder brush on top of the tissue.

Expert Tip: lightly dust translucent powder onto your lips after applying lipstick, with a powder brush on top of the tissue.

M a k e u p   H a c k  #3: How to get that no makeup makeup base

For those lazy mornings you want a quick pick me up base, I love to mix hydrating facial oil or moisturiser into my foundation for a sheer dewy natural looking glow. My favourite facial oil at the moment is the ‘Go To Skin Care Face Hero Face Oil’. 

M a k e u p   H a c k  #4: Nude liner for brighter eyes

Lining your waterline with nude eyeliner is a trick to help make your eyes appear bigger and more awake. I love to also add some in the inner tear duct of my eyes to give that highlighted effect.

M a k e u p   H a c k  #5: Use your lipstick as long wearing cream blush

A tip I love for when you’re on the go or simply just as a top up when your out, is too add some lipstick onto the high points of your cheeks. You can use any colour and any type, cream or liquid. I love to blend upwards into the temples and add what’s left onto the eyes. Matching your lip color with your cheeks and eyes creates a lovely, coordinated, and natural appearance.

Expert Tip: wait for the mascara to completely dry if it has clumped and then use a mascara spool to flick away all the odd bits.

M a k e u p   H a c k  #6: How to fix smudged mascara

We know how frustrating it is when you’re in the middle of applying mascara and you end up with smudges all over your eyelids. One of the worst things you can do when mascara ends up on your eyelids is to try and remove it straight away, this can causes the wet mascara to smear around and make things worse. Instead, you want to wait for it to dry, and then take a clean mascara spoolie and gently flick it away, works every time! 

M a k e u p   H a c k  #7: Using eye shadow as eyeliner

A liner hack I personally use everyday as well as on clients, is using a brown or black eye shadow as a smokey soft liner. Take any angle liner brush, dip into your favourite dark shadows and create a soft liner effect. I love to use this tip when I want to create a foxy liner look as this really helps to elongate the eye while adding a soft smokey look. Perfect for every day and can also be used as a great outline to help create a liquid/gel liner look!

Michal Horry

Michal is a freelance makeup artist from Sydney with a strong passion for makeup and skincare. Her main focus as a makeup artist is to enhance her client's natural beauty and highlight individuality. There are no rules to makeup and her approach is to keep it simple and flawlessly you.

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