16 Stocking Stuffers For the Beauty Buffs Christmas

Christmas Stockings

Amazing stocking stuffers you won’t want to miss, starting from just $5.95.

What is better than a Christmas gift? Lots of Christmas gifts! Sure, big gifts are great.. but a stocking full of lots of little gifts is way more fun. Though they may be small, they will definitely stand out.

Stocking stuffers are usually easy to buy, but can be hard to find. Here are some tiny, cute and fun presents to put in a stocking this Christmas:

1. Honua Bars

Price: $19.99 for Shampoo, $19.99 for Conditioner

Don’t just gift your friends and family this year, give a gift to the environment also. Honua Bars are nourishing, foamy shampoo and conditioner bars. For example, one Honua Shampoo Bars equals to three bottles of liquid shampoo, saving three plastic bottles! Better yet, the work just as well as regular shampoo and conditioner and are really nourishing for the hair.

Honua Bars

2. Golden Bodi Face Tan Water

Price: $34.95

The age old saying, ‘nothing ages you faster than the sun’ is undeniably true, yet sometimes it is hard to resist a golden glowy tan. Insert: Golden Bodi Face Tan Water. This quick-drying and odourless face tan provides a natural glow for the face and neck via its bronzing mist.

Golden Bodi Face Tan Water.

Young Living Essential Oils – Radiant Rose Bundle

Price: $418.10

Essential Oils are the perfect stocking stuffers because they are little, but boy do they pack a punch. Good quality essential oils can do wonders for mental health and all over wellbeing. The Young Living Rose bundle includes 5ml of gorgeous rose essential oil and a Young Living Jade Facial Roller to enhance the skin.

Young Living Rose bundle

Hummm Beauty – Botanical Peptide Serum and Squalene Face Oil

Price:  $155.00

Give the gift of self care this Christmas! Hummm skincare have released their super cute Botanical Peptide Serum and Squalene Face Oil. These products are the perfect duo for revitalised and hydrated skin. They compliment each other perfectly so your skin can reap the benefits of cell rejuvenation, firmer and nourished skin.

Botanical Peptide Serum and Squalene Face Oil.

SpaScriptions SuperFoods Gel Mask

Price: $19.99

Nothing says relaxation like a face mask. The Christmas period is a crazy, hectic time so why not unwind with a some facemasks from SpaScriptions. Their brand new Superfoods Gel Face Masks feature key ingredients of Blueberry, Watermelon and Avocado which are specifically designed to improve the overall health, hydration and happiness of the skin.

The Body Shop – Festive Berry Little Gift Pouch

Price: $40.00

The little stocking stuffer from the body shop just screams Christmas, the gorgeous festive berry scent is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit combined with the cute festive packaging.

The Body Shop – Festive Berry Little Gift Pouch

Invisible Zinc

Price: $25.00

Australian Made Invisible Zinc-Sheer Defence Tinted Moisturiser gives a sheer tint and mineral shield for the perfect coverage and protection. This sunscreen has SPF 50 with UVA and UVB protection, great for sensitive skin, is 2 hours water resistance, a non-greasy formula, vegan, and is fragrance and cruelty free. Great for use on the face, as it has a natural looking tint, the higher SPF gives longer protection too.

 Invisible Zinc-Sheer Defence Tinted Moisturiser

Palm Beach Mini Candles

Price: $19.95 or $12.95

Palm Beach has released two new Summer Scents: Passion Flower Fizz and Sparking Grapefruit. Even better, their candle sizes are an easy addition to a Christmas stocking. They come in a 70g candle or if you want something smaller, a 50g candle which also has a an attachment to hang on the Christmas tree.

Palm Beach Mini Candle

Ecoya – Car Diffuser

Price: $19.95

Know someone taking a road trip over the holidays? A car diffuser would make a great addition to a stocking! The Ecoya Car Diffusers come in a range of scents that fragrance vehicles for months at a time.

Ecoya – Car Diffuser

Carmex Lip Balms

Price: $5.50

Lip balms are a stocking filler essential, why? Because you can never have enough lip balms. The Carmex Watermelon Flavoured Lip Balm has a sweet summer scent that is a perfect addition to a Christmas stocking.

Carmex Lip Balms

1000 Hour Instant Brow

Price: $11.99

Give the gift of good brows this year. The Instant Brow from 1000 Hour is the easiest way to achieve flawless brows. They come in cute tiny packs so they are the perfect size for the stocking. 

Wrinkle Schminkle Patches

Price: $42.00

Christmas and Stress, two words that have definitely been used in the same sentence before. Yes, the festive season can be stressful, which is why Wrinkles Schminkles is here to suck the stress wrinkles right out! The Forehead Wrinkle Patches are a great stocking filler for some extra self care over the festive season.

Wrinkle Schminkle Patches

Gua Sha

Price: $29.95

The gift of good cheekbones is unfortunately  not one that all people have. However, the ancient Chinese tool ‘Gua Sha’ allows your to sculpt your face to chisel those cheek bones. It’s a really simple process, only requiring two tools: the Gua Sha and a facial oil. The Rose Quarts Gua Sha Face Sculpting Tool by Salt By Hendrix is a great option.

Rose Quarts Gua Sha Face Sculpting Tool by Salt By Hendrix

OneFigure Lashes

Price: $24.99

Need a present for an eyelash enthusiast? Look no further! The OneFigure Magnetic Lashes use the revolutionary concept of ‘magnetic lashes’ which enlists a magnetic liquid liner that works in the way lash glue would. This sticks to the eyelashes, which have tiny magnetic strips attached, making the application seamless. And they won’t fall off during the night! They come in cute little packs, the perfect size to put in the Christmas Stocking.

OneFigure Lashes

La Roche Posay Sunscreen

Price: $25.00

The Anthelios Invisible Fluid facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ has been formulated for very high UVA/UVB protection. It is a non sticky formula that provides a sheer finish on the skin, perfect for a natural look. Remember ladies, protect your skin!

Burts Bees – Kissable Lips

Price: $19.99

The Burts Bee’s Kissable Lips is a festive stocking stuffer that provides perfect preparation for under the mistletoe. The cute Christmas Bon Bon packaging is stuffed with the Beeswax Lip Balm, the Rose Tinted Lip Balm and the Blush Lip Shine.

Burts Bees – Kissable Lips

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