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Smith & Cult is one of the beauty brands to watch going into 2018.

American brand Smith & Cult make some of the funkiest beauty products around, and have nail polishes and  mascaras most of us cannot get enough of.

The founders of the beauty brand are two amazing women who started off as friends years ago, and ended up as business partners.

The Sydney Colour from Smith Cult, cleverly called Bridge and Tunnel.

Gorgeous Cheek Colours.

They have already created an iconic American beauty brand, Hard Candy, which you may not know of, but Sephora bought it from them ( and paid them a lot for it) just 3 years after they started it in 1994. It’s still going strong in the US.

Years later the girls were still friends, but sad they sold out so quickly, so they conceptualised a brand new brand, Smith & Cult, and named it after themselves.

Smith is the part of the name named after Jeanne Chavez, who married, moved to the suburbs and had three children, and knick named herself Mrs Smith, in other words, the every day girl. The other business partner Dinah lived a “cult life” (according to Jeanne) and never had children, marrying a drummer 13 years younger than her. So Smith & Cult was born.

The brand has gorgeous savvy nail polishes, eye shadows in luxe gold palettes, mascaras and cheek colours to die for, but there are 80-100 products are being launched soon. BB headquarters is bursting to try them.

After just 2.5 years, Smith & Cult is already sold in 15 countries.

Smith & Cult have a popular nail shade 1972, with a great story behind it as jeanne explains;

“I was road testing colours and Dinah said ‘that is the most awful shade I have ever seen’, and I loved it, so we called it 1972 after her brith year. It has been our highest selling shade ( it is sold out on every territory except Australia), and it is a constant source of amusement to us both. Even when I wear it, she says “I hate that colour” and we both laugh.”

Check out Smith & Cult in your nearest Sephora store.

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