The High Value Hobbies that Will Lead You Straight to Success

High value hobbies to enhance your life and put you on the road to success

It’s common to think hobbies are just pastimes or even a waste of time. However, the types of hobbies someone has can say a lot about that person.

With the little free time many people tend to have, spending that wisely can be beneficial. 

Here are some high value hobbies, that may seem trivial, however, they are building muscles that will help in your success later in life, here are some high value hobbies for you to start.


Some of the most successful and even famous people attribute their success to starting the gym. 

Going to the gym regularly isn’t always easy, it usually takes a lot of mental willpower to keep yourself there. It’s not only about looking and feeling good, making a commitment every week is training yourself to be a more committed and structured person in all areas of your life. 

This translates into your everyday life. Billionaire Richard Branson attributes most of his success to his fitness goals, saying, “I seriously doubt that I would have been as successful in my career (and happy in my personal life) if I hadn’t always placed importance on my health and fitness.”


Many people read for pleasure however reading isn’t just good for entertainment. Reading enhances your mental muscles and develops cognitive abilities including; expanding vocabulary, enhancing writing ability, improving memory and enabling prolonged concentration by getting you off your screen. This can also help combat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Most runners would agree that running is not just physical, but it’s primarily a mental game. Running doesn’t just help your cardiovascular system, but it helps wire your brain in a way that enhances focus, resilience, and mental toughness. Not to mention the endorphins – known as runners’ high – you get after it. If you commit to a race or marathon, you will not only force yourself into it but you will get a greater reward. 


Board games are great hobbies as they build cognitive skills, help develop your strategic muscle and are a great way to have fun whilst socialising. 

Most notably, Chess is one of the best games to have as a hobby. Chess is a very strategic game known to help develop mental muscles. 

Not only does it get you thinking, but it also improves planning skills. The best chess players are always thinking ahead and mapping out every possible move before they make theirs. This skill translates to life, aiding decision-making and strategising in various scenarios.


Tennis is a great hobby to pick up. Not only because it is a fun way to socialise and get exercise but also because it is strategic. Tennis is a universal game that many at any age can play. 

Much like golf – commonly known as the business game – tennis can be a great way to network, whether it’s inviting friends or colleagues for a game or hanging around the clubhouse and meeting like-minded people. 

Tennis also helps to improve social skills and learn important lessons like how to lose graciously, and if you’re playing doubles, how to communicate with others and work in a team.

Learn A Musical Instrument 

Traditionally music has been seen as a pursuit for the affluent and educated, but learning a musical instrument offers invaluable lessons essential for success. 

Mastering an instrument demands discipline, dedication, a strong work ethic and resilience. Collaborative musical experiences nurture teamwork and leadership skills, while creative expression teaches problem-solving abilities and emotional intelligence. 

Embracing the challenge of learning an instrument can offer individuals a universally enriching path to personal and professional growth.


Language learning provides essential tools for personal and professional success. The dedication required to master a language cultivates discipline and resilience, while engaging with others in linguistic pursuits nurtures teamwork and leadership skills. 

Language learning helps navigate the complexities of international discourse and enhances problem-solving abilities. 


Meditation has long been recognised for its effectiveness in aiding mental clarity and emotional balance. Engaging in meditation can help self-awareness and develop a deeper understanding of oneself and others. 

This also builds the ability to remain calm and centred in the face of challenges, enhancing problem-solving skills and effective decision-making. 

Hobbies are a very important part of the person we are. How we spend our spare time can often determine our values and how interesting and worldly we become as a person. 

It’s important to use this as an opportunity to grow yourself with something you love that can inadvertently lead to success. 

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