Trialling the New Look HD Skin Hydra Glow Liquid Foundation by Make Up Forever

Make Up Forever review for the HD Skin liquid foundation

For 35 years, French-based cosmetic brand Make Up Forever has been delivering on revolutionary technology, which gives women outstanding results on the perfect complexion.

Founded in 1984 by French makeup artist Dany Sanz, the evolution of Make Up Forever was a journey of creating a brand with would give women around the world, better skin confidence, through flawless finishes and at an affordable price.

‘The products are serious, but makeup is still a game. I wanted to open a universe of freedom, imagining an infinity of colors, with ultra sharp and simple products, with ultra long-lasting results. I wanted makeup to become a source of inspiration, a real field of possibilities’. – Dany Sanz.

This revolutionary, and radiant foundation is deal for dry, normal, mature, and sensitive skin, and features an extensive range of 38 inclusive shades. The foundation promises to offer a natural, medium to buildable coverage with a radiant, flawless finish.

HD Skin Hydra Glow is an 86% skincare-based foundation that hydrates, plumps, and boosts skin, immediately and after each wear, just like a hydrating skincare mask.

The lightweight texture of our new HD Skin Hydra Glow foundation syncs with your skin to offer a natural, luminous finish with buildable coverage.

Behind the scenes for most makeup artists, the secret to glowing skin after makeup application, is prepping the skin with a hydration sheet mask.

Using these pro tips, the HD Skin Hydra Glow Foundation fuses makeup wth skincare expertise, introducing the FIRST radiant foundation designed to mimic the hydrating action of a skincare mask.

The lightweight texture of our new HD Skin Hydra Glow foundation syncs with your skin to offer a natural, luminous finish with buildable coverage.

We put their new look HD Skin Foundation formula to the test.

Review by BB Founder, Renae Leith-Manos

“I have sensitive skin, so don’t like foundations that are too heavy. I found the HD Skin Foundation to be very moisturising on my skin”.

“I didn’t see any significant changes in the appearance of my skin. However, this is not something I expect from any foundation.

My skin did feel soft and dewy, and I didn’t need to re-apply the foundation throughout the day.

Though I found it to be very moisturising, it is quite rich. I liked it a lot, but would not wear it every day as it is a bit too rich. It is more of a special occasion foundation for me”.

Review by BB Beauty Editor, Rebecca Wilkinson:

“With combination skin prone to be more on the oily side, I am always hesitate to try new foundations, as my skin can get fussy when trying new things and gets congested and breaks out”.

“However, I was assured the texture was very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin liquid foundation I use.

Though the foundation is a little runnier than normal; and I put that down to the serum based concept of the foundation, as it’s supposed to give your skin a hydration mask whilst wearing, I really like the overall feel and texture of the foundation on the skin. And it definitely left a flawless finish, natural finish.

Now, my skin did have slight congestion after a few days of wearing this foundation, but as I mentioned, completely normal. After a week, my skin regulated and adjusted to the foundation, and I enjoyed the coverage and long day wear”

I like to keep things very light during the day when it comes to foundation. So will reserve this foundation, alongside my Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin, to be for wearing at night, and to events.

Review by Becky Black:

“I’m 36 and my job is a sales manager. My skin type is normally pale, so I uses self-tan. I have combination skin which can be prone to acne and I have acne scarring”.

“My overall skin texture was more even and the tone was great after application of the foundation. IT was a really good colour match, and my skin looked hydrated and was glowing.

I did find the foundation to be quite runny, a bit more like a serum on application. But very buildable.

After a few hours of wearing, my skin appeared a little too shiny, even after applying powder. However, I didn’t need to re-apply. The foundation lasted very well. Though, I did find myself re-applying powder, which is my personal preference when wearing liquid foundation.

I did find this foundation very easy to wash off at the end of the day, compared to other foundations. Even though it was slightly less heavy than my normal foundation, thought it gave me a far amount of coverage for my skin type (which is combination skin, some acne and acne scaring).

My skin did appear a lot more glowy and hydrating when wearing the HD Skin, compared to when I wear my normal foundation. Just be aware that it is quite runny as it came out the bottle, and a lot comes out when pumping it out of the bottle”.

Review by Emily Barrow:

“I am 33 and work in Procurement. I have white skin which is prone to breakouts”.

“”I found the HD foundation to be very lightweight on the skin. It blended fairly well, and provided light coverage. I did need concealer for extra coverage. Although the foundation did give me enough coverage to even out skin tone, there was no significant changes to my skin after application.

The tone suited my skin well, and the foundation texture was nice and silky. I used my fingers to apply to my skin, as it is a runny liquid, but has a nice texture.

I have quite dry skin, as I have regular treatments for spots, so I needed to add moisturiser throughout the day to stop the foundation from sticking to dry areas, they reapply a little bit.

It’s a nice foundation, lightweight and easy to apply, tone was nice and matched my skin. It did stick to dry areas of my face, but this is typical of my skin due to the regular spot treatments I get to help with breakouts.

I liked the product and would use again. My regular foundation is the Estée Lauder lightweight double wear. I found it to be quite similar, but perhaps a little more runny that the Estée Lauder foundation”.

Review by Courtney Baillie:

“I’m 24 and work in sales and Real Estate. My skin type is tanned with an oily t-zone and I get minor break outs”.

“I trialled the HD Skin Ultra Glow, which felt lightweight and with a mousse like texture.

I did not notice any changes to my skin whilst wearing the foundation, and found application to be quite silky, water-based and lightweight on the skin.

It did get a little oily throughout the day, especially in my oily t-zone area. And I probably would have needed to re-apply the foundation if I hadn’t had such a busy day.

I work long days, with long hours and light a foundation that’s more heavyweight, than lightweight. However, after using the foundation again with a thicker concealer and finishing powder, I did like how it applied and finished on the skin, and the it lasted a lot longer also”.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Beauty Editor

Rebecca is a freelance content creator and beauty editor for Bondi Beauty. She is a pescatarian, who may yet become vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel, has a weakness for coffee and is obsessed with cats and yoga. If she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's trying out the latest beauty trend, like massaging crushed pearls into her skin for the ultimate collagen and vitamin boost to skin cells.

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