Five Dating Books to Address Your Love Life

It’s not easy to navigate the dating world, especially after a break up or a long time away. These five dating books will help address your love life.

These fabulous five dating books will help you navigate the dating world.

Dating may be ever changing, but these must-read dating books will steer you in the direction to finding your Mr Right. 

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

The dating book for: For Classic Dating Advice.

One of the most popular and well-known dating books is John Grey’s Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus (1992). The book states that the dating spectrum’s main problems come from the fundamental psychological differences between men and women. 

This is seen through the metaphor of the planets Mars and Venus. Women being from Venus figuratively points to ruling with their emotions and hearts. Venus, in its Roman name, represents Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love. Juxtaposed with this, Mars, associated with aggression, assertion and libido, is representative of men. 

The Rules Handbook

The dating book for: Extreme Dating Advice If You Struggle With Boundaries.

Sherrie Schneider and Ellan Fein co-authored The Rules Handbook (1995), a dating book centred around a set of instructions of, what to do and what not to do, when dating. 

The book is focused on women standing back and letting men make the move. Based on an old-fashioned set of values where women play hard to get and don’t get physically involved until they really know someone, this book is more light-hearted than theoretical, but it promises to help attract “the right people” into your life and prevent or minimise unnecessary heart ache and pain.

Dating Books Can Help Guide You To The Right Relationship.

This is supposed to be fun

The dating book for: Lightening Things UP.

Certified clinical sexologist, Myisha Battle, wrote This Is Supposed To Be Fun (2023) as a guide to sex and dating. Focused on the modern dating screen, Battle says “It’s easy to forget the point of it all: this is supposed to be fun.”

The dating seen can often be stressful, and sometimes a guide to fun and laughter is just what is needed to bring back the joys of being single.

The Big O

The dating book for: The Modern Woman Looking for great sex along the way.

The Big O (2022) by Oloni, famous for her sex and relationships education on Twitter, focuses on helping women explore and embrace their sexual desires.

This manifesto focuses on pursuing and reclaiming women’s sexuality by focusing on sensuality, autonomy and pleasure.

The Big O uses honesty and humour to tell the story of breaking down societal barriers and rejecting shame that has been historically enforced upon women. I

n doing this, Oloni brings into the spotlight topics of masturbation, virginity, sexual desires and more, providing a safe space for all readers. 

Conversations in Love

The dating book for: Long Term Love Perspectives.

Journalist Natasha Lunn writes Conversations in Love (2021) set out to understand how relationships work and evolve over a lifetime. 

She turned to authors and experts to learn about their relationship experiences and drew on her own, asking- How do we find love? How do we sustain it? And how do we survive when we lose it?

Weather your looking to find a soal mate or have fun and casually date, these books will get you anywhere you want to go.

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