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Why should a holiday be an excuse to put on weight? At Crete’s Port Elounda Resort, the focus is on having a spectacular holiday without the weight gain.


Crete’s Port Elounda Resort offers health and wellness programs so you can holiday without losing your fitness.

From yoga-detox programs to preventative medicine, it’s all there.

The Porto Elounda Resort is one of the most beautiful places to holiday in the world. Crystal clear ocean, A Six Senses Spa, blue skies and luxe villa-style rooms create a haven for travellers to have a holistic holiday experience.

Hotel Manager Vassilis Stamatelopoulos speaks to Bondi Beauty about the huge increase in travellers looking for a health and wellness experience.

Vassilis says their guests don’t want to go home carrying extra kilos, but still want a five star luxe experience;

“There are 2 types of guests we see; those that they follow a healthy lifestyle, so they like to continue to practice their sport, yoga, and pilates as well as play additional sport that they can do at the resort like tennis, golf, water sports, and basketball.”

“On the other side there are guests who have a heavy program back home and want to detox themselves on holidays, either doing sport or taking treatments at our Six Senses Spa.”


Yoga, spectacular views, fresh air and a calming environment are all part of the joy of a stay at Crete’s Port Elounda Resort.

He says integrating a holiday and health experience at the same time is a global trend, and in Australia, Health and Fitness Travel is a travel agent specialising in holidays with a health and fitness angle. “The majority of our guests are from Western Europe (U.K., France, Germany, Scandinavia), Russia, the United States Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, India, and South Africa. They are all looking for health and wellness.

Some want a pre-structured package, others arrange a tailor made program upon arrival. ” The property has a luxe Six Senses spa which offers healing, yoga, trainers and exceptionally luxurious treatments, as well as retreats. ‘It is only when we reconnect with ourselves that our connections with others become truly meaningful,’ is one of the Six Senses mantras.

“We are committed to deliver integrated wellness activities and provide guidance and inspiration to allow our guests to gain a new perspective and make positive life changes,” Vassilis says. “Our global relationships with practitioners, healers, yoga instructors as well as doctors allows us to go beyond the the traditional spa experience and offer  a wellness-fitness experience.”

For more info on holistic travel, check out Health and Fitness Travel


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