Camping Can Be The Best Self-Development

Why you should go camping

How a camping trip could change your life, and your friendships for the better.

Camping is full of challenges, but it’s those very challenges that could change your life, be your best self-development ever and even improve your friendships.

Camping can help shape your life and your view of the world:

Not only will camping help you get a clearer picture of who you are, but it can also play a part in helping to shape you.

Most of us are not perfect and there is always room for improvement. However, in most cases, we are not able to get into situations that allow us to recognise that and grow but camping can help.

Camping will be able to impart different sorts of wisdom like making you more versatile when it comes to reacting to different situations. 

Camping is especially adept at doing so  as often things do not go as planned. You could easily forget important items that may make your camping life a lot more convenient. When that happens, you need to innovate to cope with your situation. 

Even if you are someone who is  meticulous and you will definitely not forget to pack these items, during the trip itself, you will definitely face other issues where you are forced to adapt. Plus you can see your limitations. 

Camping bings you closer to your friends:

Apart from being able to find out more about yourself, if you are camping with friends, you will definitely find out more about them as they will face the same challenges.

A camping trip is a great time to find out how your friends react to certain issues, and team dynamics can create a lot of insights into each other.

Camping can help you discover the intricacies of your friendships:

They always say you can only deem a friendship true if your friendship has been through hell and came back stronger than ever. This hell could well be the camping trip. 

It is worth putting your friendship to the test by going through these trials and tribulations together, as it will bring you closer in the end.

You will also improve your observation skills as not everyone is direct about their feelings, and you will have to support each other.

While it mayst first feel like going on a camping trip will put you through unnecessary torture, what doesn’t destroy you, will bring you closer.

Three tips to help make your camping trip a success

There are two things that will definitely add value to your camping trip: a playlist to rave to and a first aid kit.

  1. Playlist

Everyone knows the importance of music. 

Everyone on the trip should prepare a playlist they love so that there are songs for every occasion, and you can rotate them.

2. First Aid Kit

It is always good to be one step ahead and prepare for such incidents. Before you think of the first aid kit as a burden, it is far from that when the time calls for it. Some common items in a first aid kit are band-aids, disinfectant, and any other allergy medication.

3. Wait until the weather warms up

This is a no brainer. It looks like a cold winter in Sydney, is wait until things warm up a bit.

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