Seven reasons we love Singapore

There’s so much to do in Singapore, the challenge is fitting everything in.

A day lounging around The Marina Bay Sands pool is indulgence at it best.


Singapore embodies the best of both East and Western life, in a clean, modern, impressive city some say is rivalling Hong Kong. It’s as diverse as it is cohesive, and is one of the smallest countries in the world, with a population of about five million.

Here is our take on why we love about this fabulous holiday destination:

1) The Marina Bay Sands Hotel – This iconic hotel continues to amaze with 2561 rooms and suites, housed in three, 55 level towers with spectacular views over Singapore. The 150m infinity pool is one of the largest and highest in the world, and with David Beckham often in residence due to the fact he is fronting a new advertising campaign, there is nothing not to like about this hotel.

2) Shopping – Singapore reportedly has the second cheapest Louis Vuitton store (after Paris) and Chanel have recently dropped their prices, making this a fantastic place to shop for luxury goods as well as eastern bargains. From indoor skating rinks to 22 shopping centres on Orchard Road alone, you can truly shop ’til you drop here.

3) Como Shambahala Urban Escape – It doesn’t have to be all shopping and eating in Singapore, with this luxury health haven providing a holistic approach to yoga, nutrition, and preventative health. Worth a visit for a health overhaul or simply tp keep your fitness up, and your stress levels down. The massages are incredible.

4) Food, Glorious Food – From the best and cheapest of East street eats, to the finest and most famous global Western food names, everything is here. Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, Joel Robuchon, Tetusya and many more names are in residence.

Just don’t expect Asian prices, you’ll pay about what you pay in their home countries, but it’s worth every cent. With the Singaporean speciality fried kway trow retailing for around $8 Aussie straight out of the wok, there are plenty of tasty options for a cheap night out too.

5) The Zoo. This is one of the world’s best, with 28 hectares of animals ( the size of 23 football fields), and around 2 million visitors a year. The focus is on interaction and connection between humans and animals, with huge windows, electric fences in some cases instead of concert barriers.

Many animals and bird life run free, which means you can literally run into a monkey on a pathway and take a photo. There is also a night safari to catch a glimpse of the animal’s nocturnal activities, as well as a river cruise where if you’re lucky, you might spot a Panda. First Class.

Singapore zoo is as much fun for adults as children.


6) Safety – Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world, so a great place to visit with children. There are over 3000 cameras at the airport alone, so nothing goes unnoticed.

7) Storms – if you want to see lightening and thunderstorms in action, this is the place to be. Singapore has one of the highest rates of lightening activity in the world. On average, there are 171 days where thunderstorms take place, due to the city’s proximity to the equator, which can make for some incredible visual displays – perfect to be viewed from The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and other high rises in the city.

The awesome Marina Bay Sands Hotel.


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