Our Travel Dreams Post-2020

Travel destinations for 2020

The BB Team chat about their travel dreams post-2020 and what places they would like to visit.

Travel Dreams for BB writer Tara McKenzie

BB Writer Tara says:

“I was very excited to be travelling to Europe over June and July this year. And although this has been temporarily postponed, I am hoping I will still get there this year. I had planned to visit a lot of exciting destinations such as Austria.

And was also planning a visit to Vienna and Salzburg, where I wish to live out my Sound Of Music dreams. Fields of Edelweiss? Yes please. And I wouldn’t say no to meeting a handsome Captain Von Trapp while I’m there.”

These are the the travel dreams for BB writer Zoe Bradbury

BB Writer Zoe says:

“Having just returned from a winter wonderland holiday in Canada in early 2020, I would love to head back there this year in summer. Canada is a massive country and 70% of it is forest.

In winter, this is blanketed in snow – but I would love to see the national parks in lush, green summer, with their turquoise blue lakes and many animals. I would also love to get to New Zealand and do a road trip. So many places to see.”

BB founder Renae Leith-Manos shares her travel dreams for 2020

BB Founder Renae says:

“I have always wanted to go to The Maldives, as it seems so exotic, pleasantly isolated and beautiful. Everyone who goes falls in love with the place, so given how much I travel, I think I am overdue to do the same.”

BB writer Rebecca Wilkinson shares her travel dreams for 2020

BB Writer Rebecca says:

“My dad lives on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands and it’s been a while since we have seen each other, so I definitely intend to get there for Christmas 2020 to see him.

If I have time, I’d like to also make a trip to Liverpool, in the UK where my brother lives. I miss my family terribly and it can be lonely in Australia sometimes. So a family reunion for Christmas has me very excited this year.”

BB writer Anisha Rapthi chats about her 2020 travel dreams

BB Writer Anisha says:

“Three of my best friends moved to France and Germany earlier this year, so I was actually planning on making a visit to see them during both the Winter and Summer holidays.

I would love to re-create this trip later on and travel to some Scandinavian countries as well. I’m not someone who seeks out adventure very often, but I won’t be surprised if after my Euro trip I’ll come back home with the travel bug.”

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