Tips On How To Have A Successful Job Interview

Here are some tips and tricks on how to have a successful job interview.

A job interview can be life or death situation so, it’s important to prepare and know the basic skills to keep prospective employers engaged and interested.

Nerves especially can ruin an interview and often you will feel stressed out.

So, here are some tips from the BB team from their experiences to have a successful job interview.

BB Founder Renae:

The most important thing before an interview is research. Find out as much as you can about the company and about the person interviewing you before you meet with them. And know why you want to work there. Be open and honest.

Be on time, and be natural – talk to them like you would talk to a new friend, don’t be too uptight, then again don’t overshare either.

BB Writer Maddy:

Ask questions. People love talking about themselves so if you ask the interviewer a few questions they are going to think of you in high regard. It shows interest in their work, it establishes a rapport and you get to know more about the business.

Good questions to ask in an interview are;

What is your favourite part about working for (blank)?How would you describe the company culture?What can this role offer me in terms of development?

BB Writer Janelle:

Prepare and practise – this doesn’t mean memorising your answers to questions word-for-word, but it certainly helps to ease nerves and stops you from rambling or freezing mid-thought. Instead, you will gain confidence as you repeat phrases and keywords

BB Writer Phoebe:

Wear something neat to your interview – a classic button up shirt will never go wrong. Another tip is if an interviewer asks if you are interviewing elsewhere – Say YES. This will help them judge how quickly they need to consider your application in the hiring process. 

BB Writer Mia:

Don’t lie about your experience or your qualifications, just be your authentic self. If the interviewer asks questions and you don’t know how to answer them you may come across unorganised and unable to explain your experience, so it’s important to be confident in what you do and don’t know. 

BB Writer Czelene:

It’s easier said than done but, be yourself and show your personality as employers and interviewers can often see your nerves. Also be prepared by knowing basic questions (e.g. tell me about yourself) and have main points in your head. However, don’t memorise answers as this sounds robotic and not natural at all.

BB Writer Izzy:

Do as much reading as possible on the company to get an understanding of their values, goals and culture and try to link it to your own beliefs, work ethic and values. I also think it is important feel relax before the interview whether that’s meditation, a long shower or listen to your favourite song. You should also leave a bit of time before the interview to set up your space, collect your thoughts and breathe.

BB Writer Vy:

 Do research about the company, the questions that they might come across with, from the basic to specific questions that are related to your field of study.  Prepare and list out many questions that you wanted to ask them about their company, their future project, their company culture, etc after the interview. This way can show them how much you interest you have for them, how much you wanted to get this job and most importantly is that you get chance to know whether their company is right for you or not. Them practice and practice.

BB Writer Kelly:

Don’t be afraid to share your passions/interests/hobbies. I landed an opportunity because I was clear about my passions and shared my extra-curricular activities, which made my resume stand out. And as cliche as it is- be yourself and be confident in who you are.

Czelene Villanueva


Czelene is an aspiring journalist who wants to enter into the field of news, film and television. She loves being with her friends and family and can never resist going out to eat, especially Korean bbq. Czelene has also been lucky enough to travel and has visited multiple countries including Japan, Switzerland and France- Iceland is next on her bucket list as she prefers the freezing cold than the scorching Australian heat.

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