Dive into Retro Vibes with Bondi Active’s New Ben Buckler Collection for summer 2023.

Bondi’s fabulous active wear brand Bondi Active has released a fabulous Ben Buckler Collection for summer 2023.

Bondi Active is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a statement. Based in the heart of Bondi, it encapsulates the spirit of the beach and the energy of its people, translating it into every piece of activewear created.

The Ben Buckler Collection is a testament to this spirit, offering not just activewear, but a piece of Bondi’s vibrant and active lifestyle.The “Ben Buckler Collection”.

This collection is not merely an assortment of activewear; it’s a nostalgic journey back to the golden era of beach fitness, meticulously crafted for the modern fitness aficionado, and inspired by the iconic North Bondi landmark, Ben Buckler.

Renae wearing Bondi Active.

The Essence of Ben Buckler

Ben Buckler, a gem at the northern tip of Bondi Beach, is a name that resonates with tales of mystery and history, from intriguing stories of convicts and bushrangers to the profound influences of Indigenous cultures.

Today, it stands as a sanctuary for those who find solace in the ocean’s embrace, fitness lovers, yogis, and seekers of the most enchanting views Sydney has to offer.

Bondi Active’s Ben Buckler Collection is a harmonious blend of inspirations from iconic fitness spots like Muscle Beach in Venice, where Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others sculpted their legendary physiques, and the renowned Gold’s Gym.

The fabulous collection marries this rich nostalgia with the vibrant and infectious energy of Bondi Beach, creating designs that are both visually and functionally spectacular.

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