The One Thing We Miss Most During The Latest Sydney Lockdown

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The small freedoms we took for granted just a few weeks ago have been taken away because of the latest Sydney lockdown, now in week 6.

Perhaps if we knew what was ahead, we may have been a little more appreciative of the small things we thought we would always have like catching a movie at the cinema or going out for family brunch at a cute café.

Although the state we are living in now isn’t permanent, it’s nice to reflect on the things we are missing most at this point in time.

This is what the Bondi Beauty team are missing right now.

What BB Founder Renae Misses The Most:

Going on dinner dates

“Going to restaurants is one of my favourite things to do with friends or my partner. 

I love the vibe, speaking to the staff, trying new flavours and sharing an experience. 

Having been a restaurant reviewer for many years, it’s a favourite past time. 

I not only miss it but am worried about the future of Restaurants as most are small businesses desperate for our support right now. They are going to struggle to survive financially given they are not able to open, and a lot of people will lose jobs.

I’m ordering take out as much as possible, but as we all know, it’s just not the same.”

What Beauty Writer Rebecca Misses The Most:

Sunday brunch


I love a good brunch. They will never go out of fashion for me. A good smashed avo at home is just not the same as a cafe styled one. though I have been supporting local businesses and grabbing take away. It’s not the same, as chilling at your fave cafe spot, enjoying a good coffee with a yummy brunch (or breakfast and lunch – depending on your style). It’s always a nice social way to chill out with family and friends too. 

Especially on the days you want to do something, but don’t really want to do anything. You head to your local, kick back and have a good laugh with loved ones and you’re all set.”

What BB Writer Czelene Misses The Most:

Exploring the city of Sydney

“I miss being able to travel around Sydney – I live far from the city so, being able to go out occasionally with friends is what I miss the most. Whether it would be going to a new restaurant, bar, or even for university, travelling outside of my suburb was a way to relax and go for an adventure around places I’ve never been before. I moved from the regional city of Albury (on the border of NSW and Victoria) in 2020 where it takes less than a day to go around the whole city. Ever since I started living in Sydney, travelling around the beautiful metropolitan city is so much fun as I didn’t have much explore beforehand. 

I especially miss going to Strathfield with my friends for Korean BBQ as it’s one of my favourite activities for catching up and having an overall good time – I was deprived of KBBQ living in Albury, so I have it as much as I can. KBBQ is a very communal meal where you directly cook the meat in front of you on a charcoal grill built into the table – having a mini-BBQ with friends in a small space. So, I miss interacting with people in an intimate and vibrant environment, while eating delicious BBQ of course.”

What Writer Claudia Misses The Most:

Partying with friends, creating memories

“I miss nights out and festivals the most for sure. There’s nothing more fun than packing up all your stuff for a 3-day festival with a close group of friends and running into distant friends at the festival as you hop from stage to stage. These festivals are normally in a more rural part of NSW and it’s nice to explore somewhere new and lose reception (and all your responsibilities for 3 days). One of the last ones I went to in NSW was Subsonic or Secret Gardens, both of which host a few thousand people for around $200 a ticket. Paying this much for heat waves, limited bathroom facilities and camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For me, being surrounded by like-minded people listening to and discovering amazing music is an experience that sticks and lingers in my mind for months and years after.”

What BB Writer Ruby Misses The Most:

Finding markets in Sydney

“My friends and I love exploring Sydney and getting out to try new things, so the urge to get out again is stronger than ever. Whether it be markets, the latest food trends and dining experiences, different walks around the city or visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art’s latest exhibition, there is always something planned for our weekends. The current lockdown and radius restrictions have made us become more familiar with the suburbs we live in, but void of anything fresh and exciting to look forward to. I’m taking this time however to organise as much as we can, so we can all get back to ticking the things off our never – ending lists and appreciate how lucky we really are come post – lockdown.”

What BB Writer Zoe Misses The Most:

Bella hadid and Kendall Jenner drinking wine
Wine with the girls

“The one thing I miss most right now is freedom.

Freedom to drive anywhere where we want to, freedom to get away for a few nights camping, freedom to just pop over to my friend’s house and have a glass of wine.

I’m also missing the freedom of not worrying about essentials, such as toilet paper.

Two months ago, who would have thought that buying something as simple as toilet paper would be difficult?

I’m missing the freedom of everyday life, the hustle and bustle.

In saying that, I’m also appreciating the time right now to slow down, have more time to be creative, and to really think about our place in the world.

But I really can’t wait to just be free to do anything and travel anywhere we want to.”

What BB Writer Anisha Misses The Most:

Three girls eating ice cream
Ice cream dates with your girlfriends

“There are so many things I miss at the moment.

So many things that I would have done one last time if I knew they were about to be taken away so quickly.

But if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would simply be hanging out with my friends as a group again, whether it be at a bar, at our favourite ice-cream place – Messina, or just being together talking absolute nonsense at one of our houses.

I’ll certainly have more gratitude for in-person catch-ups after all of this, that’s for sure.”  

What BB Writer Tara Misses The Most:

Yoga class with yoga instructor
Yoga class

“I am one of the many people in Australia whose jobs have been affected by the COVID-19 restrictions.

As a group fitness instructor, usually my daily routine is filled with getting sweaty with clients and helping them get fitter and stronger.

While I have been fortunate enough to continue teaching a couple of zoom classes every week, I am super excited to get back to teaching in person, as there is something so rewarding about showing people they are stronger than they think and pushing them to go beyond what they think their fitness capabilities are.”

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