Alessandra Ambrosio is in Sydney.

She’s fit, and fabulous. And she’s in town for fashion week.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio is in Sydney for Fashion Week, and keeps fit doing regular spin classes, pilates and yoga. Image courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.

Alessandra Ambrosio is in Sydney this week for Alex Perry’s show at fashion week.

The leggy supermodel, who stands at 176cm tall and is most famous for her work with Victorias Secret, signed a contract with Aussie designer Alex Perry to open his show.

Ambrosio trains with Brazilian-based fitness teacher Leandro Carvalho. As a result of training together, to achieve leaner legs and a tighter bottom for the 33 year old stunner, Carvalho came up with the Brazilian Butt Lift workout. To find out more about this famous workout that has sculpted some of the Victorias Secret Angels, read more here:

It’s hard to tell this Brazilian bombshell is a mother of two children. She claims using Pilates is the best way to strengthen and tone her body and also practices Capoeira which is a Brazilian  martial arts that incorporates dance and music elements.

For many of Ale’s (short for Alessandra) toning and strengthening exercises she uses a resistance band to tone her legs and inner thighs.

But Ale isn’t all about toning, she also does cardio by regularly doing spin classes. The stunner says she stayed active throughout her two pregnancies, which helped her to lose the extra baby weight quickly. Following her pregnancies, once the doctors gave her the all clear, she began doing yoga before adding Pilates and spin classes into her daily routine.

She works hard for her figure and knows that looking great on the outside also comes from nourishing your body on the inside. Small portions and continuous snacking throughout the day ensure the supermodel’s metabolism stay is working order and help her remain trim and tight. Ambrosio insists she enjoy all sorts of foods (including chips, cheesecake and soda). However, she admits that she knows when to stop. It seems the rest of us need to take a note out of her book and practice self control.

When she’s not snacking on unhealthy treats (which we would assume is not that common considering her fabulous body) she is eating a carb loaded breakfast such as eggs, bagels or toast, or fruit. For lunch and dinner the Latina beauty enjoys protein (such as chicken or fish) and a salad or fresh vegetables. When it comes to eating out Ambrosio says she is an avid fan of Japanese food.

So following her vigorous fitness routine and mostly healthy eating we can be sure when she opens the show for Alex Perry this week she will be as fit and fierce as ever.

By BB intern Brooke Davie.

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