The Bride Diet. How to Lose Weight in Time for A Wedding

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Whether you’re the bride, maid of honour, bridesmaid, a guest, or preparing for any special event, check out our guide on simple ways to lose weight for a wedding.

With the recent rounds of state as well as global lockdowns, we have been unable to travel to see family and friends.

That has led to a lot of sitting on the sofa with streaming services and the contents of our refrigerators for company. And we all know that means; weight gain.

When a wedding – or any special occasion- is on the horizon, a smart wedding weight loss plan will hep you drop extra weight and slim down a dress size the sensible, considered way.

Clean, healthy food, portion control, meditation and plenty of walking as well as a balanced lifestyle is the way to go.

Looking your best at a wedding is important to all women.
Looking your best at a wedding, especially your own is important to all women.

Keep it Clean, Quick And Simple:

Many weight loss plans are complicated and hard to stick to. If you are the bride or part of the wedding, this can be a hectic time. Create a meal planner, so you know what you are eating each day and plan ahead.

Eliminate all carbs, which includes alcohol and white food (eg: pasta, flour, rice) as well as all drinks except water, tea and coffee.

Eat protein every day, in the form of egg whites, and low fat meats and fish as well as vegetables, and loads of water (double what you are drinking now).

Eliminate as many sauces (often high in sugar) as possible.

Keep your nutrition preparation simple by using frozen vegetables, portion control in the form of small natural yoghurts or cheeses rather than a big tub or large portions, and eliminate high sugar food from your kitchen.

Choose some healthy snacks (eg a piece of fruit or low calorie elate bar) to take with you on the go so you don’t reach for high calorie foods on the go.

white lace from a wedding dress
A wedding day is a very special day.

Cheat Meals:

Kicking off a program like this can be a challenge, so give yourself 2 cheat meals a week, where you eat your favourite foods so you don’t feel deprived, but don’t overdo it.

Shop for fresh food as often as you can, especially vegetables and fruit as this will boost your skin’s glow and reduce your appetite for fast food.

Be wary of juice cleanses and other fad diets as they can cause you a lot of stress at this time, and take up a lot of your time too. FitNStyle has a wide array of tips and tricks for dieting. Check them out. I’m sure you’ll see one that will work for you.

Boost Physical Fitness:

The latest weight loss studies are showing food is the most important element of a weight loss program, but general physical fitness is still important, and even increasing your daily steps can help.

Check out the Leanbean Review by FitnessVolt. Leanbean is a powerful, natural supplement for women and empowers you to burn stubborn fat and finally achieve your body goals are just a few of the phrases that the company uses to describe the potential of this fat loss aid. 

Bondi Beauty often receives e-mail asking for weight loss advice before weddings.
Bondi Beauty often receives e-mail asking for weight loss advice before weddings.

Meditate Daily:

Being in a wedding let alone being a bride can be very stressful, and take a lot out of you emotionally. Meditation is the best way to create peace, calm and zen in your life.

Believe it or not meditation has been shown to help lose weight as it reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone which can lead to fat sitting on the tummy area for both men and women.

Find some meditations on youtube you connect with and meditate daily, even for just 10 minutes to bring your stress levels down.

how to lose weight fast in time for a wedding
how to lose weight fast in time for a wedding

Dress For Success:

The best way to be inspired to lose weight is to see beautiful wedding (or bridesmaids) dresses on beautiful bodies.

Click HERE for the latest in wedding designs and fashions.

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