Going to Europe? What Colour Swimsuit to Wear to Get The Guy

Ever wondered what colour swimsuit guys are attracted to? Here’s your answer:

Go bold with your swimwear and get the hot guy.

It might be winter in Sydney, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the shine.

If you’re heading to Europe for the ultimate summer vacation, here’s how to get the guy (or girl) – all with the colour of your swimsuit.

It’s called colour psychology, the study of colours and their impact on human behaviour, and many studies suggest that it plays a role in attraction.

So, how can the colour of your swimsuit attract your date on a hot beach date?

BLACK – Sophisticated.

So what if it isn’t technically a colour? Black is a fashion staple that evokes strong emotions and speaks volumes about your intelligence and sophistication. Donning a black swimsuit shows you’re a strong, independent woman who’s ready to take up the reins in a relationship. You’re mysterious, but you’re also willing to let the right one into your life. Black is super flattering too, which is a plus!

WHITE – Elegance.

No, wearing white doesn’t mean you want to tie the knot then and there. Although this is a colour that might be hard to pull off at first, it is a classic that emulates innocence and balance. It is also said to have a decluttering effect on your mind, so wearing that white swimsuit will definitely attract your date’s attention and show them you’re the only one they need.

RED – Sexy.

Is it just us or did the room just get really hot? Studies show that red is super sexy and can make you more attractive to others. In fact, just looking at the colour red can lead to an increased heart rate and adrenaline being pumped into your system. Flaunting that red swimsuit will not only ignite the passion, but it’ll also give your date the impression that you’re a sucker for romance and the wilder things in life.

BLUE – Chilled.

With so many benefits associated with it, it’s no wonder blue is one of the world’s favourite colours! Known for its calming and healing properties, blue is the colour of commitment and loyalty. It’s also known for getting those creative juices flowing and stimulating the imagination. Needless to say, slipping into that blue swimsuit will make your date super comfortable around you. And it might just stimulate them in all sorts of ways…

ORANGE – Spontaneous.

Could orange really be the new black? This colour is all about boosting your sense of optimism and guaranteeing undivided attention from your date. It encourages spontaneity and will definitely give them the fuzzies. Rocking that orange swimsuit will help your date warm up to you and make sure their eyes will be on you – and only you.

Sylvia Lee


Sylvia is a student journalist who loves travel, lifestyle and politics. Fun fact: she once wrote a story about an evil pencil with plans for world domination in primary school. Sylvia wishes people would stop asking her why she's pescatarian and that she were better at writing about herself in the third person.

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