The Colour Purple; From Kate Middleton to Beauty Products, Purple is the new super colour.

There is a hot new colour on the horizon and from fashion to beauty brands, purple is going to be, well big.

Might sound trivial but in these times in which we are now living, a bright new anything is something to get excited about.

Purple is traditionally associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. Bright purple hues have historically represented wealth and great riches. So it is no great surprise that the introduction of purple to the fashion world has come from two of the world’s most fashionable royals.

Princess Mary wore a gorgeous deep purple monochromatic outfit last week in Denmark for the Danish Industry Award and the images went viral.

Skinstitut's new purple packaged  beauty brand Skinstitut Expert.
Skinstitut’s new purple packaged beauty brand Skinstitut Expert.

She was a picture of absolute elegance and style in a perfectly fitting high neck aubergine shirt and skirt. Who knew purple could look that fabulous?

Then Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge wore a bright purple power suit whilst in Northern Island a day later. She turned heads in the bright purple look which was also a picture of class and style, and which went viral in minutes.

But it is not just the fashion world embracing purple as the new hue. The beauty world is also jumping on board. Skinstitit Expert has launched a gorgeous new range of anti-ageing products, Be Future Fit and they are the same rich, gorgeous, luxe shade of purple.

The dermatologist endorsed range promises to not only reduce visible signs of ageing but to look pretty damn hot on your bathroom shelf.

Prai Beauty is another lilac hued beauty brand that focuses on anti-ageing for the neck. Usually a brand targeting older women, it now has a cult younger following due to the time we are all spending on our devices, resulting in premature ageing in the neck area. The Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme is the most popular product in the range and one sells every 60 seconds worldwide, and it is super reasonably priced at $24.95, and the brand is cruelty free, vegan and committed to animal welfare.

Prai Beauty targets “tech-neck” a condition brought on when the head is tilted causing the neck to scrunch and wrinkle prematurely.

Aveda’s Invati hair care range is also in a rich shade of purple, which adds the regal touch to the shower, and the products themselves are fantastic for thickening the hair after the seasons change or due to hair loss from pregnancy.

Kate Middleton in Purple last week - Image courtesy of Pinterest.
Kate Middleton in Purple last week – Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Colour Therapy was used by the ancient Egyptians who believed different colours had different healing properties for mental as well as physical health by accessing the body’s chakras.

This non-invasive holistic treatment is still used today, and is now backed by science, as colours are made up of reflected lights that hit our retinas as the wavelengths vibrate. The treatment today can involve looking at a colour or even by shining a certain colour on an area of the body which needs healing in some way.

Princess Mary looks a picture of elegance in her monochrome aubergine suit. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

This is particularly relevant in these times, as anxiety, and depression are so prevalent. In this context, purple is one of the best colours to immerse in as it is such a peaceful colour. So to reap the benefits, try surrounding yourself with purple products, clothing or even posters of the colour purple in places where you can regularly focus and de-stress.

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