Bad Breakup? Watch These Rom-Coms To Help You Get Over It



After a big breakup, a diet of back-to-back rom-coms sure beats a tub of ice cream.

Here are 5 of the best rom-coms to help you get over a breakup

10 Things I Hate About You (1999):

This edgy modern day version of Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’, reminds us to channel your inner Kat Stratford when that boy hasn’t texted you back.

She reminds us to be the ballsy, bitchy feminist that we can all be, because we don’t need no man. Not unless this man is Heath Ledger and is willing to perform an embarrassing public rendition of “Can’t Take my eyes off you.”

When Harry Met Sally (1989):

This 1980’s classic proves that all men think they are amazing in bed, when we all know we have had to fake it till we make it.

The iconic scene in the diner will make you remember how bad your ex was in bed. ‘When Harry met Sally’ reminds you to keep and eye out for the boy hiding in plain sight, your best friend and maybe potential future boyfriend.

Clueless (1995):

A modern day take of Jane Austen’s 1815 novel ‘Emma’ even back then Austen new all about the perils of women accepting second best.

The standards of our home girl Cher is where we should all aspire to be, a reminder to keep your standards high when dating and not accept your first offer. Not to mention it’s worth watching this flick for the iconic yellow plaid and great sassy quotes alone.

Cher is the ultimate queen of comebacks, “Ugh as if!” should always be our response to unwanted attention.

Pretty in Pink (1986):

John Hughes film’s are renowned for tapping into the angsty 80’s teen psyche. From “16 Candles to the Breakfast Club and Ferris Buller’s Day off” John Hughes get’s what it’s like being a teenage girl often questioning who you are.

Andie from ‘Pretty in Pink’ struggles with who she is, coming from a poor family and thrown in with the rich kids. Her iconic quirky and handmade sense of style makes her stand out from the crowd, an aspect of herself she sometimes embraces and questions like we all did at that age.

But when it comes down to it, Andie stands true to who she by confronting love interest and rich boy Blane in the iconic ‘tell me the truth” confrontation.

She shows us to never be ashamed of who we are or change for anyone else and when he’s being a fuckboy you call him on it. Check out the scene for some inspiration.

Bridget Jones (2001):

Ever been caught in a love triangle? Neither, but I dream to be that popular. In the meantime, while I wait for my Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, like Bridget I’ll eat too much chocolate, sleep in too much and drink a lot of wine with my bitchy bunch of friends.

When watching this film, you can be comforted by the fact that you are not alone in your embarrassing moments on the dating scene, for Bridget has done them all. This movie will leave you howling with laughter and thinking if Bridget can get two, I can definitely get one.

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