Millennials Are Too Poor To Date

A couple on a dinner date.

Why do young adults opt for one night stands over a romantic dinner date in the city? Easy. Sex is free, dating isn’t.

Amidst the timely debate on who is actually paying, student debt, rising house prices and the costly value of the beloved avo toast, millennials can hardly afford brunch, let alone a dinner date for two.

With all this financial burden hanging above millennials heads, the last thing they want to be concerning themselves with, is which basic necessities they have to give up for the week in order to get drinks with their crush on Friday night.

Financially speaking, hook-up culture serves as a more viable option when millennials have a consistently low-balanced savings account.

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We’ve all been there.

Hook-up culture takes away the need to impress your suitor with grand, expensive gestures but ironically comes at the price of giving up any chance of developing an actual relationship.

The expense of dating is a steadfast way to gamble away your money, especially given you’re taking a chance the date will work out.

According to a survey conducted by, a popular American dating site, 63% of American millennials are looking for the end goal of a relationship, however money was the greatest obstacle stopping them from furthering that pursuit.

When the costs of dating accumulate, this means purchasing a new outfit, buying yourself and your date drinks and food and even drunkenly paying for a late-night Uber, it can all very quickly become stupidly expensive.

Alongside struggling to afford these dating inevitabilities, mentally there is a wider social understanding that the more effort one puts into organising a date, the better received they will be by their partner.

With all this pressure to court and impress, it is no wonder millennials are slowly but surely checking out of the dating scene and opting for other alternatives like casual sex or friends with benefits.

Couple about to kiss.
No strings attached.

But just because you are broke, does it mean you are undeserving of love? Of course not!

The best way to battle the money-grabbing entity that is dating, is to save more and plan ahead.

One of the best ways to subconsciously save money is to set up an app like RAIZ.

RAIZ is one of the best investment apps in the market right now.

The way it works is that the app safely and securely connects to your bank account and then micro-invests the remaining round up of your daily purchases into the market.

Another great way to get around dating is to create inexpensive date ideas beforehand.

A picnic overlooking the Harbour Bridge, painting together at the park, a movie and board game night or even an at home cooking date, the more creative the better.

All, way less expensive than drinks in the city and still intimate enough for you to feel like you are on a very special date.

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