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Whether you are stuck at home in isolation or feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the news and uncertainty of COVID-19 these content creators are sure to brighten your day.

There is so much negative and unsettling information being shared at the moment both through mainstream news services and social media, it is very easy to feel disheartened.

However, some content creators and Instagram accounts are making a conscious effort to spread positivity and promote wellbeing, while others are just naturally wholesome, and can’t help but make you smile.

Here are a few of our faves.

Geoffrey Walk (@geofferywalk)

Geoffrey Walk and his wife Pauline are the ultimate wholesome grandparents. They’re the kind of elderly people that make your heart melt just at the sound of their voice. The pair post photos and videos of their everyday life in Northern England, such as videos of their dinners and walks around their neighbourhood. Every time Geoffrey posts a video or photo with his wife in it, he hashtags #ilovethatgirl, which is a testament to their long-lasting marriage and will likely reform anybody that is cynical of love and romance. If you don’t watch their videos and find yourself smiling and exclaiming “aww” then I’m sorry but you are broken.

Sjana Elise Earp (@sjanaelise)

Sjana (pronounced see-ya-na) is Australia’s favourite beach babe. Based in Newcastle, NSW when she isn’t jet-setting across the globe, she is probably best known for her seaside yoga poses and mermaid locks. Perhaps it is the Zen yogi in her or a testament to how much time she spends at the beach, but this 24-year-old is a ray of sunshine. Sjana produces environmentally friendly content on all her socials as she encourages her 1.6M followers to be kinder and more conscious of mother earth. She also writes and produces her own poetry (paired with epic handstand pictures) where she explores love, loss, pain and gratitude. Whether you are looking for some words of affirmation or some yogic inspiration Sjana has got you covered.

Ange Simson (@gratitude_project)

Angela Simson is a life coach and founder of The Gratitude Project. With her platform, she aims to teach women the power of gratitude and mindfulness as well as how to make an income online. As a single mother of two young girls on the Gold Coast, Ange not only had to navigate her recent uncoupling but also a series of heart surgeries aimed at treating her chronic heart condition. As such, Ange knows all too well the power of a positive mindset and preaches the importance of finding lessons and value in hard times. On her stories she will also post snippets of her home life with her adorable daughters and if you’re lucky you’ll catch her youngest daughter Harper being an adorable sass queen and telling her mum off for storying instead of playing with her.

Rochelle Fox and Chris Soll (@Mindspo/ @Rochelle_Fox)

Rochelle Fox and her fiancé Chris Soll are meditations teachers and the co-founders of Mindspo. When they aren’t in lockdown, the Aussie couple live and work in Bali, Indonesia where they host a variety of meditation, mindset and self-love retreats. Through their socials and business, they aim to create meditators and help people create their dream realities. Despite the fact that many of their 2020 retreats have had to be postponed and rescheduled, the couple are committed to fostering positivity and freeing their audience of anxiety. In order to do this, they are hosting daily Instagram lives on the @Mindspo account which act as mini masterclasses all about mindful habits, manifestation, and even relationship/ self-development which act as great ‘High Vibe’ alternatives to watching the news or mindlessly scrolling through social media.
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