9 Controversial Tips To Detox Your Life From Self-Proclaimed Health Guru Tyler Tolman

Based in Bali, Health Guru Tyler Tolman claims to be able to heal almost everything by changing your diet and lifestyle, and focusing on health.

During a recent Sydney visit, health guru Tyler Tolman inspired the masses with his ideas on how to get the most out of life.


He says controversial things, but has helped people with diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, colon, liver and prostate cancers, as well as Lyme disease, obesity, PCOS, eczema and arthritis, just to name a few.

As an iridologist, fasting and wholefoods expert, Tyler has been passed down knowledge and principles from his famous father, Don Tolman based on years of research and application.

He travels the world exploring ancient masters such as Plato and Socrates, who were known to fast for 10 days at a time to gain mental and physical efficiency.

Bondi Beauty spoke to him on his Australian Health Vibe Tour:

We asked him how we can improve our overall health:

1) It doesn’t happen overnight.

The journey of healthy eating is just that, a journey, and everyone is at different stages.

It’s not about going vegan or paleo overnight, it’s about taking little steps in the right direction and doing one small thing at a time and feeling how your body responds. As long as you are on the right path, you will experience the benefits and want to change more. You’ve got your whole life to figure it out, so it doesn’t have to happen tomorrow.

2) There is no miracle pill.

Pills simply mask whatever it is that is going on in your body and add more poison and toxicity to the body. Get to the root cause and fix it from there.

3) Forget high-intensity workouts.

Tyler believes 30-45 minutes of exercise per day is all you need. He recommends walking or running for both physical and mental benefits including improvements in digestion, weight management, energy levels and assisting with depression.

4) Ladies, stop using deodorant.

“If you smell bad, it mean’s you’re eating shit.” Simple as that.

5) Don’t eat anything your grandma wouldn’t recognise.

Did you know that diet and lifestyle are the second greatest factors in the cancer epidemic? (Smoking is number one.) Tyler believes in putting clients on a plant-based, wholefood diet eliminating all foods that have been processed and eating only foods that grow below, in, or above the ground. For example, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. Stick to this and anything is reversible.

6) Avoid MSG.

Monosodium Glutamate is the number one cause of diabetes, the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia according to Tyler. It’s also the most addictive substance on the planet because it makes your brain receptors not realise you’re actually full. Food additives that frequently contain MSG include malt extract and flavouring, seasonings and spices, stock flavouring and natural flavouring.

7) Deal with your stress and emotions.

Emotional issues and stress are something we haven’t really been shown how to deal with and if it’s not released, it can manifest in different areas of the body and lead to disease. Tyler suggests cleanses and detoxes. “By the end of a detox, there will be tears of emotions flowing out.”

8) If you’re sick, don’t eat.

Yep, that’s right. It’s better to stop shoving things in and instead, strip it of what’s in it. You’ll feel better bat the end of the day.
You attract what you are. If you feel crap, and are filling your body with crap, you’re going to attract well, crap. Whereas, if you feel good and look after yourself, you are going to attract good into your life.

9) Work on yourself:

Once you start working on yourself and identifying where there are problems in your life, you will notice a change. Here’s an example: Are you tired of guys not respecting you? You’ll find that it might actually have a lot to do with how much you respect yourself.

Tyler is currently based in Bali, Indonesia where he runs health programs and retreats. Head to www.tylertolman.com for more information and health related articles.

  1. hi Tyler , I think I spoke with your brother today . Not sure if he has been in touch with you as yet .
    I need to move quickly as I have been having chemo for my breast cancer which metastasized to lymph nodes and liver ..
    My liver has become worse . I did change my diet but obviously need to work harder . I am reaching out to you ,
    my mobile no is 0432145101
    i look forward to hear from you , thanks Tyler
    kind regards
    Rina Lewis

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