6 Fab Apps To Reduce Anxiety Now (we tried them).

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It’s hard not to be anxious with the world in such a state of upheaval and change. But there are fantastic personal growth apps that can help you right now.

We road tested all six apps below and think they are all fantastic to upload right now for some support and love in tough times.

Don’t be afraid or the least bit ashamed to admit you’re feeling anxious – we all are, and it is presenting in different ways for and to each of us. Whether it is anxiety about the world, your finances, your relationship, your mental health, your family’s health, the state of the world or when you will be able to go overseas again, your concerns are all valid.

And the challenge we are all facing is there are no quick or easy answers. In most cases the answers to all of our questions are – we don’t know.

And it’s not just us in Sydney or Australia who are feeling edgy, this is a whole world problem. It’s global.

We don’ know when we will be able to have lunch with our friends, go on a hot date, hug our mates, see our pals overseas, go to a gym class, have Sunday brunch in our fave restaurant, start our gym routine again, or even go to work. We don’t even know when we can have some time alone in many cases. No wonder we are anxious. It would be weird if we weren’t.

Give one of these apps a try and see if it resonates with you right now. I am using all of them at different times for different reasons;

HeadSpace: This meditation app could also be called “mediation for dummies” as it really simplifies the process of meditation and makes it so much easier to step into the most basic of meditations to help calm down. There are images as well, and this works for any age group at all.

Marisa Peer: This British psychologist is the queen of calm and of personal growth. She is super helpful when it comes to reducing anxiety and stress. Her basic premise is that if we all realise we are enough just the way we are, and love ourselves, everything will fall into place. (I met and interviewed her at her home in London).

Wim Hof: Wim Hof needs no introduction, and he has a fabulous personal growth app that will help even the most terrified person (of ice cold) get into cold showers and baths which is well documented to reduce stress, anxiety and change lives. He has a lot on you tube too.

Mind Valley: This personal growth app ( and website) is all about change, and provides hundreds of speakers and teachers on a range of topics to do with personal growth, from anxiety to education and psychology. It reaches a huge global community of over 12 million students.

Talk Space: This app provides online support from a licensed therapist, as well as talks from high profile people about their journeys with anxiety and depression, and other tools to help you cope . These guys are offering a special covid-19 coping management program to all subscribers.

You: This personal growth app is super helpful when you need to make changes in your life, so 100% of the world’s population could benefit from it right now. The theories are science based and aim for long term change rather than quick fixes. The concept is about small changes that ultimately create big actions over time.

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