Infrared Saunas: Is This The New Way To Detox?



Infrared Saunas have become the new way to detox, lose weight, stay healthy and get clear skin.

It’s nothing new. In-fact it has been around for a few years now. But more and more day spas are adapting this new way of detoxing into their spa menus to help you lose weight, clear the skin, re-hydrate the body and de-stress.

It’s called Infrared Sauna.

And, unlike traditional saunas which use hot air technology to warm the body from the outside in to cleanse and detox, infrared saunas use revolutionary technology to warm the body from the inside out instead.

Infrared heat has nothing to do with ultraviolet rays, so the saunas are completely safe to use regularly, with the risk of causing any skin damage.

It’s a simple form of energy transmitted at a specific wavelength. This gentle heat wave penetrates deep into the body to create a soft sweat, moving toxins and waste products out of the cells and tissues for the ultimate way to detox.

As sweat production is increased, the heart  works harder to pump blood faster, boosting circulation  and mimicking the effects of exercising, without even moving the body. Which is a great alternative for someone who can’t exercise due to illness of other health complications.

Bondi Beauty writer Rebecca Wilkinson went to Saltuary in Five Dock to try out their new Infrared Sauna:

“I’ve never actually be a fan of saunas, as I am a little claustrophobic and don’t like extreme heat. So the idea of sitting in a comfortable space where no hot air or steam is being blown around a room, sounded more appealing.

The infrared sauna room at Saltuary is more than just a ambient space. Lined with beautiful Himalayan Salt Bricks creating a soft amber glow throughout the room, it’s a relaxing space, with enough room for you to exit the sauna and still chill in a beautiful space without any stress. Should you need a little break from being in the sauna.

The sauna itself is very comfortable and you can even take your phone inside, with a docking station to connect and play your very own tunes whilst chilling in the sauna. There’s a large mix of magazines to read, or you can take your own book. Without the risk of any them being damaged from hot air and steam.

I was comfortable enough throughout the whole 50 minutes of the treatment and only opened the door slightly towards the end of the treatment. Which is super handy, when you need a slight cool breeze to enter the sauna for an easy respite.

After the sauna, I felt totally renewed and even my skin looked amazing. All dewy, glowing and fresh. I did drink two litres of alkaline water throughout the experience, which was provided by Saltuary.

I highly recommend this sauna for the ultimate detox this summer.”

Bondi Beauty writer Rebecca relaxing in the chill out room after her Infrared Sauna experience.

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