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You’ve probably had your fair share of bad relationship advice. Here the Bondi Beauty team pass on the best advice they’ve received.

Relationship advice is given out constantly, and there are times when it is just not what you want to hear. The Bondi Beauty team has come together to give you the best relationship advice for 2021 they have received. 


As cliché as it sounds, the best relationship advice I have been given is to communicate everything and ask questions. You lose absolutely nothing from throwing your thoughts out into the open. If you feel like your needs aren’t being met then talk about it. If you are starting to get overwhelmed by the relationship, talk about it. If you’re bursting with adoration about how handsome your partner’s haircut is. Talk about it. When you open the lines of communication in all areas, you avoid any chance of misunderstanding. If Rachel and Ross had communicated what they each thought a “break” was, maybe they wouldn’t have broken up. 


If it’s not easy it’s not right. When I tell people my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and never had anything close to a fight they are quite shocked. I always respond ‘we’re 21 and in love, what would we have to fight about?’ If you’re constantly bickering and nitpicking each other now just imagine how toxic you’ll be at 50 when you have real things to fight about e.g. mortgage and kids. When it’s right it’s effortless and usually uncomplicated so don’t fight too hard to make it work.


People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. This cheesy-as-hell Pinterest quote has served me in so many ways, and can be related to both romantic, familial and platonic relationships. To me this quote highlights that people and relationships come into your life for so many different reasons and it doesn’t make one person or one relationship more or less valid than any other.

Some people come into your life to teach a lesson, and sometimes that is learnt the hard way, whereas other people might be in your life for years and then you just grow apart. These people are all worthwhile knowing, but that doesn’t mean they are designed to be in your life forever, so it’s important to let go and move on as people come in and out of your life and relationship circles. Most people fall in to the first two categories, but then a very small handful of people are there forever. Each one of these people/ relationships serve their own function, and they’re all special and valid in their own ways.  

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I’d have to say that the best advice I’ve been given is to always remain true to yourself in a relationship. It’s true that “big” relationships almost always alter who you are as a person – they are times of growth and companionship. Being so close with another person will help you see things from different perspectives, broaden your interests and introduce you to new ideas and new people. And all of these things are great!

But it’s also important to recognise when you’re moulding yourself too much to another person. Are you stifling your passions and interests while making his the priority? Are you letting his preferences dictate the way you dress or act? Are you constantly compromising? It’s so important for young women to resist losing yourself in a relationship. Don’t be a passenger in your own life. Your passions and goals are just as important as your partner’s. When you treat yourself with integrity and respect, the right person will come along and treat you the same way.


The best relationship advice I have been given is more of a question… Does the good outweigh the bad? Of course, I think the foundations of a relationship such as communication, trust and respect are essential to a functioning relationship. However, when it really comes down to it, making a relationship work is so much easier when there is more positivity, light and happiness. This is quite a zoomed out approach, but I usually take a ‘big picture’ perspective to things. If the good outweighs the bad, then there is still drive and desire to make it work even if there is some bad. But if the bad outweighs the good, then as cutthroat as it might seem, it usually just isn’t worth your time, effort and possibly tears.

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