How I Got My Fitness Mojo Back

Renae Leith-Manos

Nine Easy Ways To Get Your Fitness Mojo Back.

I was bored with my fitness. It happens to the best of us. I guess it’s not that surprising as I’ve been into fitness all of my adult life. And I work out daily. Usually first thing in the morning.

Research papers done by everyone from Harvard to The Mayo Clinic recommend daily exercise to help with everything from reducing appetite to improving sleep, and reducing the risk of a raft of serious diseases.

This is something worth fighting for.

Running is the go-to for me. It’s easy, I can do it at any time, anywhere in the world and all I need are shoes, and running gear. It’s also the best way to see a new city when travelling.

But like anything, doing it daily at the same time runs its course, excuse the pun.

A recent spate of trial sessions at gyms around Sydney turned it all around for me. I am now back, and fully engaged in fitness. Not only am I showing up, I want to be there.

Almost every gym around ( it’s a global phenomenon) is offering trial memberships. Some are 2 weeks, others 3, even 4. They are a fraction of the general membership price and are such an easy way to try out a different sort of fitness to see if they’re for you.

So far I’ve done 2 weeks at Orange Fitness ( full-on), 4 weeks at F45 (even more full-on), 2 weeks at beat Body in Darlinghurst (chilled but results driven), and at the moment I am doing Pilates (divine). (Click here for an article on the specifics of these gyms).

Yes, I know there is Class Pass, but that product is designed so that you can only go to any one class once – nowhere near long enough to get into it.

Meanwhile, here are some of my other tips to keep your fitness alive:

  1. Buy new fitness gear – I am currently lusting after the leggings at Nimble in Bondi.
  2. Only wash your hair on days you work out.
  3. Put a full length mirror in your bedroom or bathroom and/or take photos of your body (for yourself) to monitor your progress.
  4. Practise the 5 second rule ( I love it) click here to see what it is.
  5. Buy new lingerie – particularly relevant if you are with a new love, as you might want to look hot both for you and him.
  6. Allow yourself a treat on days you work out (not necessarily food – it could be a long bath, reading a book, buying a new beauty product)
  7. Set fitness goals and write them down. Whether it is number of weeks working out, fitting into an old pair of jeans, whatever, just stick to them.
  8. Put motivational images or quotes on your phone, pinterest or facebook.
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