Advice You’ll Need To Kickstart Your University Experience

Starting University can be daunting . So, here’s the key advice to kickstart your university experience and give you a head start on your new chapter in life.

It’s University season so, it’s time to recharge.

For many, University is the the next step to success and it’s not the easiest one to adjust to.

So, here is some first-hand advice from former and current uni students to pending uni students, whether it’s your first or final year. of university.

BB Founder, Renae’s Advice:

My advice is to make friends and buddy up with people in your classes so you can share information, and research and tips. Support makes all of your subjects easier and university life smoother. And the social scene is a huge part of university life, so having friends to hang with and embrace everything on offer makes the experience so much better.

BB Writer, Czelene’s Advice:

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from univeristy is time management. So, make sure to keep a steady schedule and to stick with it. It may take time to get used to one consistent routine – it’s about trial and error. It’s also important to dedicate a time in your week, or day, to do no work and have time for yourself to relax and recharge as it’s difficult to stay focused when your mind is thinking about a million different things.

BB Writer, Maddy’s Advice:

Stay organised. It is crucial to have an organised approach to uni especially at the beginning. You must have a system to file your documents (perhaps Google Drive in case your laptop dies) so that you know where to find everything. Divide your assignments into separate tasks (e.g. gathering sources, research, summarise, write intro, etc). This way you can do the achievable tasks at set deadlines to ensure you’re not cramming last minute.

BB Writer, Mia’s Advice:

Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to socialise. Make sure you hang out in common areas and talk to new people – you never know, you could find your new bestie at uni or even a significant other. Having friends at university can make your experience so much more fun, hanging out with friends is also a nice way to get your mind off uni work. 

BB Writer, Kelly’s Advice:

It’s okay to not know 100% what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to try new things, broaden your knowledge and give everything a go. Internships are great at exploring prospective career paths- and this is where you will get the most experience. Also, it’s important to still give yourself a work/life balance to recharge.

BB Writer, Izzy’s Advice:

My advice for someone starting university is to prepare. I found that if I took the time in the lead up to the semester to read through the subjects and the assessments, as well as put dates for both study times and assessments in the diary. It’s also ideal to do some of the earlier readings and pre work as it set me up to feel more prepared and less stressed, making me more motivated and confident.

BB Writer, Phoebe’s Advice:

Show up to the majority, if not all of your classes and lectures. It is extremely easy to make new friends and meet new people who are doing the same course as you. During the semester, you may need to ask them for help if you need it, and they can also ask you. Also, when timetabling, try to split your subjects across multiple days. Though putting all of your classes on one day may seem convenient and more suitable to your timetable, it is not ideal as you will be extremely burnt out after a long day. 

BB Writer, Janelle’s Advice:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it – University is a  challenge in itself, and navigating your way through it alone can definitely be daunting. Remember that lecturers, teachers and your classmates want to help you succeed. Also, uni resources that often get neglected – such as the library, career hub, a uni subscription to ‘Grammarly’ and resume checker – are all very helpful too, so don’t forget to make use of them.

BB Writer, Vy’s Advice:

My advice is that do research, take note of what you need to do and schedule it out before go to uni. This could include making student ID card, join club, enrolling classes, check out the subject outline before class started, check out the careerhub and the chance from preparing your resume to getting internship/job opportunity etc. This way you won’t feel lost and stay organised. Setup the mindset that you have to study hard even during your first year, otherwise your GPA or WAM will be a mess and you can’t go back time.

Czelene Villanueva


Czelene is an aspiring journalist who wants to enter into the field of news, film and television. She loves being with her friends and family and can never resist going out to eat, especially Korean bbq. Czelene has also been lucky enough to travel and has visited multiple countries including Japan, Switzerland and France- Iceland is next on her bucket list as she prefers the freezing cold than the scorching Australian heat.

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