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Beginner-friendly spiritual practices to help you dip your toes into the spirituality realm.

So your #spiritual friend told you to download co-star, but you don’t quite understand all of the astrology jargon? Maybe you’ve always been curious about tarot card readers and psychics but have always been too sceptical to actually book a reading.

As spiritual practices like these become more and more mainstream, it’s normal for people to want to explore and tap into their more spiritual and intuitive side, but with 100s of different practices out there, it’s hard to know where to start.

With this in mind, we’ve collated some of our favourite and most accessible practices that you can try as a gateway to unlock your spirituality, without turning into a full-blown (and public) witch – unless of course, you want to.


Let’s start by talking about how crystals actually work.

Everything on earth vibrates on different frequencies, on a large scale with the sun or on a much smaller scale with molecular movement. Living things and non-living things alike are all vibrating on different frequencies.

On a personal level, our entire body system is just energy that shows up in different densities and patterns. Our thoughts and emotions are connected to our physical bodies and have a density of their own. When these patterns and frequencies work in a balanced way then we experience our health.

However, when these energy patterns are disrupted it results in poor health such as headaches, or more serious illnesses. Crystals are thought to be the most stable form of matter in the universe due to how they are formed in the earth’s crust. As a result, crystals act as tuners. They bring us to higher vibrations and can evoke our best selves and allow us to focus on our true purpose. They can also ‘recharge’ us, bringing energetic imbalances back to a stable level. Each crystal itself has a different vibration because they are made of different material. This is why you read about different crystals having different healing properties – because those vibrations align with a certain vibration within you.

To effectively use crystals you have to be honest with yourself. Focus on what you really need in life, not what you want. Crystals will not grant you a new boyfriend, but they can help you open your heart and bring love into your life and remove any blockages to love you may have.

Crystals will not get you a new jacket or make you more popular, but they can lessen insecurities that are the root of those desires.

Each crystal has different specific healing properties. Usually when you buy a crystal at a shop or a market it will come with a little card that tells you its properties.

If there isn’t one available, just ask someone who works there what crystal it is and google it yourself. However here is a little guide to some of the more common crystals to help you get your crystal collection started!

Types of crystals and their properties
Unlock the potential of your crystals

How to use crystals:

Personally, my favourite way to use crystals is to hold them while I meditate or carry them with me in my pocket. If I am feeling particularly anxious, I will often place the crystal in my bra so it is close to my heart.

However, you can also buy larger crystals to keep around your home. These days, many beauty and skincare products are also infused with crystals!

Other than finding crystals at markets, these days there are also many great online crystal retailers – like Core Crystal Co and Bliss Me. When purchasing your crystals, it is also important to find a retailer that ethically sources their crystals. As the crystal and wellness industry grows, many crystals are often traced back to mines with lax mining regulations for children and child labour.

Oracle Cards

Unlike Tarot Cards which take time to study and interpret, Oracle cards can range from affirmations, to guidance, to manifestations or visual cues. In this way, you can choose a deck of cards that resonates with you most.

This idea of ‘resonating’ and intuition is very important when it comes to oracle cards as this is what they are designed to develop.

How to use oracle cards:

Because oracle decks are designed to train your intuition, many oracle card readers simply shuffle and choose as many cards as feels right. You could do this once a day, or whenever you feel like you need guidance. Most card decks come with a guidebook of what the card ‘means’, but depdnign on the deck this can be open to interpretation. If your card has an affirmation you are invited to muse on what that affirmation means or brings up for you.

Some great oracle decks include:

Meggan Watterson’s The Divine Feminine Oracle Cards

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck And Guidebook

I Am a Manifester Oracle cards by Linda Willow Roberts

Tarot Card or Astrology Readings:

Whether it be a Tarot card reader, psychic or Astrologer, going to see a spiritual medium can be a great way to receive guidance or a message when you’re needing clarity or direction.

Psychics and tarot readers rely on intuition when it comes to readings while Astrologers link the cycles and patterns of celestial bodies to human behaviour. While there is some differentiation in their methods, one is not necessarily more accurate than the other, and in that way it is important to find what reader or practice works best and resonates most for you.

How to get a reading:

Thanks to the internet Tarot and Astrology readings are more accessible than ever. If you don’t feel comfortable going to see someone in person then many Readers now offer consultations online or over the phone. There are also different kinds of readings that are offered such as specific love readings or more general readings that may provide insight into future career, friendships and lifepaths.

We recommend:

Andrea Sarah Tarot for Online Card Readings. Andrea is an intuitive medium and offers a selection of different card and pendulum readings depending on the type of guidance you are after. Her readings are done online, and you are sent a video recording to keep forever.

Sedna is an Astrologer and Reiki Healer and works both in person at Nature’s Energy and over the phone.

Jodie Teresa Tarot is a reader based in the UK and is a great way to get an intro into how tarot card readings work. Jodie posts monthly tarot card spreads on Youtube that are based on your star sign. This is a great option if you are looking for clarity and guidance but aren’t willing to spend actual money on a reading.

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