Treadmill vs. Walking, Which Is best?

Explore the Pros and Cons of Treadmill and Outdoor Walking to Maximise Your Health Benefits

Walking is a fantastic way to incorporate exercise into a busy schedule due to its flexibility and minimal need for equipment.

Whether choosing to walk outdoors or on a treadmill, each option offers unique benefits and some limitations.

Outdoor walking immerses you in nature, providing fresh air, sunlight, and varying terrains that enhance physical and mental health.

It engages more muscle groups, improves balance and coordination, and offers mental health benefits like stress reduction and enhanced mood due to exposure to natural environments.

Moreover, sunlight exposure during outdoor walks promotes Vitamin D production, supporting bone health and the immune system – and it even helps with sleep.

Conversely, treadmills provide a consistent and controllable walking environment, making it easier to track and adjust your workout intensity.

They are particularly beneficial when outdoor conditions are unfavorable, ensuring that your exercise routine remains uninterrupted.

Treadmills are also joint-friendly, offering shock absorption that can reduce the impact on your joints compared to hard outdoor surfaces.

However, walking outdoors can be challenging due to weather conditions, safety concerns, or the lack of accessible spaces.

Treadmill walking, while convenient, might lack the stimulating variety of outdoor environments and may require additional motivation to maintain engagement.

Ultimately, the choice between outdoor walking and treadmill use depends on personal preferences, lifestyle, and specific fitness goals.

Combining both can provide a comprehensive walking routine that maximises the benefits of physical activity while accommodating the demands of life.

And using both can ensure you know what your pace is so you don’t slack of when you are IRL.

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