Is Jojoba or Rosehip Oil Better For Your Skin?

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Buying a skin oil can be daunting. We explain the difference between rosehip and jojoba oils for your skin.

What is Jojoba Oil?

Technically speaking, Jojoba oil isn’t an oil at all. Its actually a ‘wax ester’ which is basically a combination of fatty acid and fatty alcohol. Despite this, it has pretty much been universally adopted as an ‘oil’.

Jojoba is amazing for the skin because its molecular structure is really similar to the oil produced by human skin, therefore it reacts really well with human skin (because in simple terms, it recognizes Jojoba as its own).

It is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it great at treating uncomfortable skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also packed with vitamins A, D and E and omega fatty acids 6 and 9 and is a really neutral oil, welcoming all skin types.

What is Rosehip Oil?

On the other hand, we have Rosehip Oil. Derived from the plant which is partnered with wild rose plant, and not actually the rose. Unlike Jojoba oil, rosehip oil contains omega fatty acid 3 and linoleic acid.

Because of these fatty acids, in combination with Vitamin C (an antioxidant) and Vitamin A (a natural retinol) the oil will produce amazing results which will protect, repair and regenerate the skin. Cell turnover is increased and collagen production is upped also.

This means that for older skin, it will work perfectly for anti-aging, and for young skin it will work perfectly for a healthy glow.

Which one should you use?

If you are struggling with acne, Jojoba is the one to choose. At stated previously, the skin recognises Jojoba oil as its own. Therefore, when it comes to oil natural production the skin produces less as it has already been moisturised by the Jojoba oil. And as we all know, over production of oil is a main culprit of acne.

Rosehip may be too much for acne prone skin. However, it is great for antiaging, scarring and pigmentation purposes. Use it if you want to achieve healthier looking skin.

Swisse Rose Hip Antioxidant Facial Oil

This is a light weight, non greasy face oil. It is comprised of Rosehip oil, with a few additions such as grapefruit, orange and rose geranium oil which are 99.9% naturally derived ingredients. It is a great option for dry skin and produces a natural lovely glow.

It is priced at $30.99 for 50ml

Swisse Rose Hip Antioxidant Facial Oil

No Fluff Face Oil #1

The No Fluff Face Oil #1 from Fluff Casual Cosmetics is 100% pure jojoba oily goodness. It claims to be suitable for all skin types, as well as acne prone skin and skin suffering from Eczema. And can also be used to strengthen and grow lashes!

Simply use 2-3 drops before moisturiser or by itself.

It is priced at $24.00 per bottle for 30ml.

No Fluff Face Oil #1

The Jojoba and Rosehip Oil

Cant decide whether to go with rosehip or jojoba oil? Why not go for both! The Jojoba and Rosehip Oil from the Jojoba company has perfectly blended these two oils to create a nutrient rich serum.

It will truly compliment your skin’s needs to maintain fresh, young, and hydrated looking skin.

It is priced at $29.95 per bottle for 30 ml.

The Jojoba and Rosehip Oil

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