FLOWST8-The Most Balanced Workout

FLOWST8 workout with weights

The new workout routine that ticks all the boxes for less than 90c per day. 

The FLOWST8 method is the new fitness routine that will transform your body, state and mind. 

FLOWST8 is the most balanced workout routine around, able to be done where ever suits you-with minimal equipment required.

FLOWST8 was conceptualised by Dave Nelson, a fitness writer and fanatic, and Rhi, who has a decade of fitness experience with fitness modelling and training skills. 

FLOWST8 workout creator Dave Nelson and Rhi
Dave Nelson and Rhi

Consisting of daily 60 or 30 minute sessions, these sessions can be personalised to individual needs and difficulty levels. 

The Yin and Yang principle ensures workouts are balanced with creating a well rounded training session pre, during and post workout. 

This program can be completed either at home, or in a gym, with different options for equipment provided. 

The program rotates through a 28 day cycle alternating between working different aspects of the body and increasing in difficulty over the program. 

It is recommended that the workout program is completed in order, so more days can be taken to complete the 28 days i.e. one may take 40 days to complete the 28 workouts. The flexibility of this fitness plan allows other exercises and sports to be incorporated around FLOWST8. 

With easy to follow videos featuring Dave and Rhi, the program can be watched as each workout is completed. The videos include music, so you can listen to the instructors and be motivated at the same time.

This is an ideal program for people looking to experience some new forms of workout, or those who like to move between a variety of exercises instead of doing the same activity for the entire session.

The various exercises include training speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, endurance and fat loss to give a complete and all rounded workout every time.

Expect to try moves inspired by yoga, pilates, cardio, breath work and weight workouts to keep your body and your mind active.

Although these workouts will push you to your limits, but don’t expect to feel sore the next day, because these sessions include stretching to help muscles recover.

The program includes daily and monthly tracking and testing sheets to follow progress, The Flow Diet guide and goal setting, all accessible on their website. These extras help to keep you on track and involve your mind. 

The Flow Diet aims to create balance in your diet by promoting eating unprocessed and anti-inflammatory foods and lots of nutrients to increase digestive and blood movement. This promotes weight loss and balance through a healthy and fulfilling diet.

A community support group on Facebook is full of FLOWST8 participants and weekly webinars for support, assistance and tips.

All you need to start is a dumbbell, floor space and a phone or laptop with an internet connection. 

FLOWST8 offers a one week free trial to give you a taste of the program, and the monthly price is $24.95, which ends up being less than 90c per day for the whole program.

With the all round health benefits, affordability and convenience of FLOWST8 considered, it should be your next go to fitness program.

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