Bone Broth Is Delicious, Affordable, and Accessible

Bone Broth is a delicious, affordable and accessible meal at any time of the day.

Bone Broth is the perfect alternative to other warm beverages that can be loaded in calories and sugar.

It is an ideal source of nutrients all boiled into one warm drink during the cooler months. 

Bone broth

Broth has been around for centuries, it is a naturally nourishing liquid that has been used to support sources of Zinc, Collagen, B vitamins, energy, gut wellbeing and immunity. 

It is made up of the bones, connective tissue, and minerals that come from animals including cows, chickens, and fish. They produce a hearty broth after simmering the animal’s bones in water, with a glug of vinegar, supporting the release of nutrients from the marrow within the bones, breaking down other tissues into the water. 

Vegetable bone broth, While not as nutrient dense as broth made of beef, chicken and fish still remains a brilliant provider of B-vitamins, minerals, collagen and all the goodness that contributes to our gut’s wellbeing and energy levels.  

High in collagen proteins

Ageing bodies start to produce less collagen which can lead to wrinkles, dulled skin, and pain in joints. The Collagen in bone Broth Promotes healthier hair, skin and nails, along with supporting joint health.

This is due to its rich source of protein that helps new cells grow and provide structure, strength and support throughout the body. 

Supports Joint Health and may help fight osteoarthritis. 

As regular broth is made up of bones, it is naturally rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Each are the building blocks for healthy bone development and maintenance. 

The key nutrients found from Bone broth include:

Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Fatty acids, Selenium, Zinc, Manganese 

Bone broth is the affordable solution that could  allow a daily source of collagen protein and other nutrients that support overall well-being

Gut healing 

The proteins found in collagen are vital in supporting bodily functions and maintaining overall health. Bone broth is rich in anti-inflammatory amino acids such as arginine, cysteine and glutamine, each  assist in reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. 

These Amino acids and anti-inflammatory benefits make bone broth a powerful immune-system booster. Building stronger immune systems may also help to shorten and prevent the common cold and flu symptoms. 

Bone broth is a brilliant way to nourish and repair gut lining. Susceptibility to gut and digestive issues would highly benefit from consistently adding bone broth into diets. 

May aid sleep and anxiety 

Amino acids are rich in benefits and can also be a therapeutic option in helping to improve sleep and anxiety

Studies have shown that when consuming glycine during the day and before bed, that it may reduce fatigue as a result of a better night’s sleep. 

How to make Bone broth

Before getting into the recipe…

While likely to receive the most nutrients and delicious flavour from a home cooked broth, there are affordable options readily available to purchase from in-store to online. 

Making easy and affordable bone broth at home

Bone Broth Recipe:

What you will need:

Start with a large pot (preferable a slow cooker) that you top up with water and all your ingredients.

Bones (chicken, beef, pork or Fish) 

New or old vegetables 

Apple cider vinegar 



Fill the pot with water to just about full, still leaving room for ingredients. 

Add in vegetables. 

Add in 1-2 kg of Bones (knuckle are often best here as they are a joint bone which contain high amounts of gelatine and collagen, however any work great here) 

Add ¼-½ cup of Apple cider vinegar. 

1 Tbsp of Whole peppercorns 

Cook for 24-48 hours (keep adding water if it simmers too much here) 

Pour into jars in the preferred way to store the delicious broth! 


Bone broth and vegetable broth are both deliciously nourishing and affordable. 

Bone broth is deliciously accessible and filled with good amino acids that can do wonders for digestion and overall well-being.  

Its ability to compound a variety of nutritional benefits into one drink allows increased consumption of collagen and minerals which support healthy immune systems, hair, skin, nails, and joints.

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