The Alcohol Myths Which Simply Aren’t True

busting the myths on alcohol

At Bondi Beauty, we want you to have a great festive season, but you should know about the alcohol myths which simply aren’t true.

You might think that you have the upper hand against alcohol and hangovers, but think again. You might be shocked to learn the truth behind these popular booze myths.

During the holiday season we tend to let our hair down and drink a lot more and more readily. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that since 2007 Australia’s alcohol consumption has steadily decreased overall, although data shows that there is above 10 litres of pure alcohol available per person for sale per year.

As Australians, we tend to reach for the beer first, followed by wine, spirits, pre-mixed drinks, then cider. But it’s time to unveil these alcohol myths to help you avoid a hangover.

Myth 1: Eating something will soak up the booze

Eating a meal before or during drinking will help soak up the alcohol? Sounds logical but in fact it’s not true. Food will slow down the absorption rate of alcohol into the bloodstream, but once the alcohol is absorbed it will stay there until it has been processed.

The oils in greasy or fatty foods, if eaten before you’ve started to drink, can help line the stomach that will slow down the absorption of alcohol.

However, eating can slow down how much you drink in one sitting. Just try and avoid those delicious unhealthy food choices we tend to make whilst drinking, e.g. midnight snacks of pizza and kebabs.

Myth 2: Drinking a coffee or energy drink is a miracle cure

Coffee and caffeinated energy drinks may wake you up after a big night, but the relief is only temporary and does nothing to lessen the effects of alcohol. More importantly alcohol and coffee are diuretics. This means that they both dehydrate the body, enhancing the symptoms of a hangover.

Myth 3: A hit of electrolytes or vitamins will pick you up

Yes these drinks will help rehydrate you, but they usually have high sugar content, which counterbalances the effects. Water is your best choice to rehydrate your body if you’re feeling hungover, and drink as much as you can.

Myth 4: Mixing drinks is the reason I’m hungover.

Although it is not 100% certain, mixing drinks seems to have no consequence on your hangover. The amount of alcohol consumed and the rate of consumption are the two biggest contributors to the severity of your hangover.

The best way to deal with a hangover is water, sleep, some light exercise, such as a brisk walk, fresh vegetables and fruit to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, and do as little as possible. Ulitmately there is one sure-fire cure for a hangover – limit your intake the night before.

By BB Intern Dominique Tait.

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