5 At-home Wellness Trends Here to Stay

5 At-home Wellness Trends Here to Stay

When it comes to wellness it’s not about ‘having the time’ it’s about ‘making the time’.

Actress, model and all round wellness queen, Gwyneth Paltrow quotes “ I try to eat organic food when I can, eat local food when I can, and eat as little processed food as possible. But sometimes you need a bag of Doritos and a beer in an airport. We have to be modern and easy on ourselves as well.”

The bottom line is wellness looks different to everyone and different times call for different measures- especially when the times are unprecedented.


Whether your passion is rich gooey chocolate brownies or you’re a fiend for savoury food, lockdown may be the time to find your inner domestic goddess.

Cooking is a therapeutic stressbuster for many as it is a form of creative expression which can boost  self-esteem and even quality of life according to research published in the Journal of Health Education & Behavior.

Get experimental in the kitchen and bake someone happy today.

Home Gyms:

Growing in popularity since lockdowns came into play last year, at the start of the pandemic it was hard to find a set of weights let alone an entire gym set up.  

Thankfully pressure makes diamonds and there have been some seriously cool innovations to come out of the pandemic in the fitness space.  For those who want a full set up but don’t have the space or don’t want their living room to be turned into a gym, FLOE  could be the solution.  

FLOE, integrate live two-way video technology with the option of premium home gym equipment, to fit into your lifestyle and home.  While you can also do all of their workouts equipment free, the FLOE Box is a furniture grade plywood storage unit that transforms into a workout bench and Barre and can store all of your weights neatly inside. It’s a piece that looks at home in even the most stylishly designed homes.

Unlike traditional home gyms, the FLOE kit is thoughtfully paired with the Live Class membership so you are getting the most out of the equipment and being trained how to best use it. 

With over 100 HIIT, Pilates, Yoga & Strength workouts a week enjoy the benefits of a gym while staying safe. 


With the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting 1 in 5 Aussies are experiencing high levels of psychological distress due to the pandemic, a Monash University study reports anxiety and depression are on the rise.

Could mindfulness and meditation be your silver bullet solution to safeguarding your mental health? Meditation and mindfulness coach Luke McLeod has put together a 4 week virtual course teaching participants the art of mindfulness meditation called THRIVE.

There is a new intake every month and the course focuses on the importance of building a strong foundation to meditate on before getting started with an app.

Find a quiet spot at home, get comfortable and meditate away your stress and anxiety.

Connected Fitness:

Who doesn’t want to feel more connected in these trying times? Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your mood as it releases endorphins and while gyms are closed the next best was to workout is through connected fitness.

For those who like to weight train, Vitruvian’s new V-Form Trainer could be the way to go. Utilising smart technology, intelligent weight-loading allows users to reach maximum weight bearing capabilities more safely.

Encased in a carbon fibre shell, Vitruvian is a leader in the virtual training space with an app that is your personal trainer, spotter and progress diary all in one.

Compete with friends and experience the benefits of fitness and connection simultaneously while getting your sweat on at home. 

Online Gaming:

Queensland Health has officially given online gaming the health tick of approval affirming, “moderate gaming can provide a healthy source of socialisation, relaxation, and coping.”

Contrary to popular belief gaming can be a healthy outlet and allows many people to connect at a time when lockdowns and boarder closures are preventing physical contact. 

With MindBody’s latest Wellness Index of Trends for the Australian region finding that almost 8 in 10 Australians stated that wellness is more important now than ever, prioritising wellness is an imperative

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