What Fitness Experts Love Doing on a Cold Winter’s Day

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We have made it to the tail end of winter but that shouldn’t stop you from engaging in some of these winter activities that’ll keep your toes warm and your heart warmer.  

Ben Lucas, Gabrielle Newman, Alex Johnson and Chantal Brodrick are fitness experts in their own right. See what they like to do on a cold winter day and schedule some winter fun time of your own. 

Ben Lucas:

Ben Lucas is the co-founder of Paddington based boutique fitness studio Flow Athletic and personally trains Erin Holland and Sammy Robinson. 

Ben admits, “As a fitness studio owner, winter has not been kind to us particularly with the announcement of further lockdowns. Therefore I am keeping myself sane with a lot of outdoor workouts. I have also been keeping busy training my clients and hanging out with my kids. My son likes to get involved with training every now then which always puts a smile on my face”

Ben says, “At the moment, helping small businesses is the name of the game, I am ordering from different Paddington based restaurants every few nights. It has been a fun activity for the family as the kids are learning about so many new types of foods. It also gives us something to look forward to and it feels good to know you are helping others.”

“I am also doing a lot of journaling and meditation. This is something I really got into last year as it has been a tough year for being in the fitness industry.”

Gabrielle Newman:

Gabrielle Newman is a Nutritionist, Recipe and Meal Plan Developer at The Fast 800 Gabrielle Newman, loves all things health. 

“My top tip during the winter months is to find balance and variety in everything, but especially your diet. Wellness doesn’t have to be boring! Choose a Mediterranean-style diet, eat lots of seasonal vegetables, cook from scratch and allow yourself to enjoy occasional treats. Balance and variety extend well beyond your diet and includes the way you move your body and look after your mind.”

Gabrielle also says, “The Fast 800 online programme encompasses all these things, offering you a step-by-step guide to better health.”

Alex Johnson :

Alex is a Former Sydney Swans Player & Infinite Cycle Studio Owner. He knows what’s important when it comes to physical wellbeing. 

“My number 1 wellness tip during Winter is to get moving as early in the day as you can (yep, even when if it’s dark and freezing), it gets the endorphins flowing early in the morning and sets you up for a productive day. It can be hard to not snooze the alarm but getting up and active can change your whole outlook on the day.”

Chantal Brodrick:

Chantal is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at Move123 Wellness On Demand Chantal Brodrick has a self-professed  love of fitness and wants everyone to know these workout tips. 

Tip 1. Use the 5 second rule to get moving 

Chantal says, “We all know the temptation of a warm cosy bed and it always feels that little bit harder to get up on cold winter mornings, so try this tip: As soon as your alarm goes off, count to 5,  throw off the quilt and place your feet on the floor. Focus your attention on getting moving right away and make sure your activewear and joggers are ready and waiting by your bedside.” 

Tip 2:  Bite size workouts 

Chantal doesn’t think time should be a restricting factor when it comes to working out. 

“Think you need 30-60 minutes to work out? Think again! Often small bite size durations of exercise are the best way to fit movement into your day and perfect for when you’re working from home.”

She says, “try setting your phone alarm for 6 mini breaks during your day.  In each break, spend 10 minutes doing an activity, like a desk stretch, yoga, some body weight squats, steps ups – whatever you like.  Write a quick list of what you will do for each break, then make sure you tick them off as you go. By the end of the day, you will have completed 60 minutes of activity!” 

You can train with Chantal in the Move123 Strength and Stretch collections from Wellness On Demand.  

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