How The BB Team Stay Fit and Healthy During Self-Isolation



Despite the coming relaxation of the lockdown restrictions across Australia, many Pilates, yoga studios and gyms will stay closed.

Whether you are only partially in self-isolation; meaning you still have to go to work most days, or you’ve committed to staying home and away from everyone entirely, one thing is certain. All gyms, yoga and Pilates studios, and most outdoor fitness training groups, have all been closed until advised.

So, how do you stay fit and healthy, when most of us are now forced to spend more time indoors, at home, sitting down and not outdoors exercising and moving around?

Here’s how the Bondi Beauty team are staying fit and healthy whilst in self-isolation.

BB founder Renae says: “I am much stricter on my workout routine right now. I’m running or at the gym in my apartment building every day. At the apartment block, they have a very strict schedule of two people at a time which is helping me also be strict with my commitment. Once I have booked in, there is no way I am not turning up.

I’m also walking with my family 2-3 times a week which we all enjoy.

As for staying healthy, I’m obsessed with trying new on-line recipes. Louise Keats has excellent vegan, low sugar, healthy recipes. And @pixiehands are a sugar free chocolate you can purchase online, delicious.”

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Enjoy a stroll in the sun for outdoor exercising whilst in self-isolation
Self-isolation doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Find a quiet area to take a walk and get some fresh air and exercise.

BB writer Anisha says: “Weirdly enough, I have been more active this year during lockdown than I have been out of lockdown. After binging on Friends for the umpteenth time, I needed a new sitmulus and there it was – the gym equipment our family had invested in years and years ago, still untouched, sitting in the garage.

After committing to an at-home gym routine for a week now, it feels weird not to exercise daily. I usually start with cardio on the treadmill and then head to my room to follow a pilates class online or come up with my own strength exercises. I’m yet to take on the world of weights but if this lockdown goes on for a while I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough. 

I would really love to make use of my exercise trampoline which is collecting dust in the corner of my room. From what I’ve heard, trampolining is a great for cardio and it’s super fun too.”

BB writer Rebecca says: “In all honesty, I have been a little slack with the whole fitness thing since the yoga studios closed down. Until they all then announced they would be doing online yoga through Zoom. Yay! So for the last week, I have done a yoga class a day, which is more than what I was doing before lockdown.

Crazy how that works. It’s also given me the flexibility to connect with yoga studios I wouldn’t normally go to, as they are either too far from home, or are in another state. Isn’t great how we can find some sort of positive in all this craziness right now?

However, with the amount of sitting down I am now doing being stuck indoors, compared to always running around doing things before lockdown, the tension in my head and neck have increased massively. A few yoga teachers I follow on Instagram have been talking about how Dolphin Pose, Head Stands and Hand Stands help to relieve this tension. So, after sitting for too long, I find a wall and get right into that head stand.”

a woman lifting weights to stay fit and healthy
Kmart, Target and Big W are all still trading. Hit the shops and purchase some weights so you can workout at home. All three of these stores also deliver, so if you prefer not to be in contact with anyone, then you can purchase then items online and have them delivered to your front door in under a week.

BB writer Zoe says: “I’ve always struggled to remain motivated when it comes to home workouts, as I love nothing more than being able to escape to my local gym and pump out some weights. Now, that’s obviously not an option, so I’m having to adapt my training methods, and it hasn’t been easy.

I’ve recently been using Chris Hemsworth’s app CENTR, which I have found great as the workouts aren’t too long or difficult. In particular, I love the CENTR 6 workouts, which are a part of a 6 week plan, 6 days of workouts per week. It’s fast, effective and I get a real sweat on. 

I’ve also really been enjoying skateboarding at the moment, as it gets me out of the house. I’m still learning at the moment, but I really enjoy heading out at night and skating under the stars. It’s a great way to keep active while getting some much needed fresh air. 

I’ve also recently invested in TRX ropes to add to my home gym. They can be strung up almost anywhere and are great for using your body weight as resistance. My favourite exercises to do using them are one legged pistol squats, standing push ups and rows.

All of these target different parts of the body, and most require a bit of balance and core strength, so it’s a really effective way to get a workout in. Plus, they take up next to no space – once I’m done I simply fold up the ropes and store away until my next workout.”

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