Recipe: Make Your Own (Mega Healthy) Infused Raw Protein Chocolate



There are a host of known benefits from raw protein chocolate, and that’s before all of the other ultra amazing ingredients are infused into this recipe from Sydney’s Pixiehands.

This is a recipe for infused home made chocolate protein that tastes delicious, but is amazingly good for you.

Infused Raw Protein Chocolates can support digestive health and function, may lower blood pressure, help build muscle, may help with blood sugar levels, may help reduce inflammation and these are just some of the many benefits.

Not to mention they taste incredible.

Recipe for Infused Raw Protein Chocolates from Pixie Hand’s Claudia.

****Silicon moulds are best for making these chocolates however any tin lined with grease proof paper is ok and you would just need to break off the pieces when you wanted a little. Also a whisk or flexible spatula.

****Follow the method carefully and take your time adding the ingredients. Raw ingredients benefit us when kept at lower temperatures and of course different qualities will give a different texture each time. Herbal blends and tonics are more benefit to us when heated and in these chocolates will also have the added benefit from the good fats.

Ingredients on a wooden chopping board including coconut and health powders
Recipe for infused home made chocolate protein that tastes delicious, but is amazingly good for you.


Cacao Butter ½-¾ cup

Raw Cacao Powder ½ cup

Raw Carob ¼ cup

Almond Butter 1-2tb

Mesquite Powder ½ TB

Cinnamon ¼-½ tsp

Organic Orange Oil 1-3 drops to start with (please try to shop for quality oil as it is your sweet taste without any sugar or sweetners. A little bit goes a long way but the final taste is better than Terry’s Orange Chocolate 🙂

Orchard Street Immunity Herb Blend: start with the serving of ½ teaspoon however you can add more if ok with the taste and texture. The herbs are there to heal but you don’t really taste them with the finished product.

Coconut Oil : I only use this if the mixture is too thick and would start with a teaspoon at a time 

blue and green plate with 2 chocolate bars and two circular chocolates in the middle
A recipe to make Infused Raw Protein Chocolates which can support digestive health and function, may lower blood pressure.


Low heat, melt down the Cacao Butter with the herbs and cinnamon. Careful not to let heat too quickly as the cinnamon may burn.

Once Butter is melted set a side and measure out your dry powders.  Sometimes less to start with is better and you can add more if needed. Taste as you go along but try not to eat the mixture before it is set for later. 

When cooled for a few minutes, add the Almond Butter and Orange Oil. Stir slowly as you are not trying to beat the mixture, just continue to infuse the ingredients together.

Slowly begin to add the Cacao and Mesquite, leave the carob till last as thick in texture and added to heat to soon will turn mixture into a brownie. (not a problem as still tastes delicious but won’t be as smooth chocolates for the end.)

Have either your moulds and or lined trays ready for the mixture. 

(I use 20ml measures for my Pixiehands Raw Treats), however what you have is always going to be a trial for the first time and you can change the next time if not what you wanted.

Divide the mixture evenly and set in the freezer.  The mixture does not take long to set so when ready place into a freezer proof container and store in there or the fridge.  

The chocolates can be stored on the bench in a container but heat will melt them again as there are no artificial ingredients to keep them stable.

For more from Pixie hands, check out @claudiagraham.pixiehands

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