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Meet Brando, from Body by Brando.

Body By Brando
Brandon Hasick, owner of training studio BodyByBrando

Brando Hasick is one of Sydney’s hottest new trainers. A friend of Commando Steve’s, Brando believes confidence is the key to having the best body possible.

A qualified Sports Scientist and movement coach, he studied in both Sydney and Hertfordshire, London and is now the owner of BodyByBrando, the newest group training studio in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Paddington.

Brando is the epitome of hard work. Growing up in a rural area of western Sydney, he always dreamed of combining his love for sport with his work ethic by opening up his own business. From the of 12, he started mowing lawns so he could buy his own skateboard and cricket bat, and within the next two years, was working over 30 hours a week at McDonalds and the local pool to drive his future business dream.

A dedicated athlete, Brando made representative schoolboys teams for both cricket and rugby league. However, was repeatedly disappointed and missed out on his chance to play at an elite level due to the physical size of his competition and his ‘late bloomer’ restrictions.

Using his previous setbacks as the ultimate motivation to succeed, Brando has worked tirelessly (never sleeping more than 6 hours a night) to create the opportunity for people with similar sporting experiences to him, to have a second chance at finding their true athletic potential again. Brando’s sole objective stands to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results with their bodies and he has already earnt a remarkable reputation within the fitness industry due to his advanced approach to functional exercise.

Brando now trains alongside the likes of Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges, as well as having the opportunity to train the Serbian Rugby League Team and celebrities including Osher Gunsberg and Kali Burns.

Body By Brando
Brando and Commando Steve

Despite loving to occasionally “drink pale ales until the sun comes up,” Brando epitomises a balanced lifestyle and an endless passion for helping people achieve a body free from restrictions.

With the belief that “if something is valuable, then you’ll find a way,” Brando has found his ultimate success through achieving an ‘unrestricted’ body and is now living his health and fitness dream of helping others achieve this same limitless lifestyle. 

Body By Brando

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