Two minutes with Chloe Morello.

Priceline ambassador & beauty guru Chloe Morello chats to Bondi Beauty about all things health and beauty.

Chloe Morello

Beauty Vlogger Chloe Morello gives us her no-nonsense two minute Sydney tips on everything from what she loves most about Bondi to whether she wears make-up when working out.

1) What is the most important thing you do every day?

Eat and drink, and call my Mum.

2) What keeps you healthy?

Well I’m actually on a meal plan with Dietlicious right now, they send me all my weekly meals and theyre portion sized and really healthy so that’s what really keeps me on track. Usually though I read a lot of fitness blogs and websites like

3) Do you have a fitness routine?

It’s not a routine, I just enjoy keeping active. I love running the bondi to bronte, and trying fun activities like indoor rockclimbing, and I sometimes do yoga classes which are really growing on me, as my housemate is a Yoga instructor.

4) What is your favourite way to keep fit?

I just like getting outdoors.

5) What about beauty products?

What can’t you live without daily and weekly?

BB cream, brow powder or gel and a good mascara!

6) Do you wear make-up when you are working out? If so, what do you wear?

Yes I do, it depends what was my makeup that day but that means I’ll always have BB cream and brow powder.

7) If you were stuck on a desert island, what is the one product you couldn’t be without?


8) What are your favourite Bondi hangouts?

The best eggs in Sydney are Trio on Campbell Parade. My friend and I go there all the time, and no matter what time of day we’ll always get the Boss Eggs.

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