Beautiful Sydney sleepwear you will love.



Sydney designer Natalija aims to transform how we feel about our sleep routine with a feminine range of sleepwear.


Beautiful, feminine sleepwear designed by Sydney girl Natalija.

Launching her own range was a dream come true for the 28 year old Sydney girl who has walked away from the security of working in the corporate world to launching her own brand. She’s using gorgeous feminine silk fabrics to help women feel good about going to sleep.

I met Natalija at the launch of her first collection, where she expressed a love of Bondi, Bondi Wholefoods and health and wellness.

“I first found inspiration in 2012. Newly engaged, I went in search for feminine and affordable nightwear options to purchase for myself and bridesmaids to wear while getting ready on the wedding morning. I felt my choices were limited as the options were either femme fatale, dowdy or slightly immature. It was out of frustration and my love of health and wellness, that my entrepreneurial spirit launched NATALIJA – sleepwear for dreamers.” she says.

Leaving the corporate world was a big step, but Natalija says she feels liberated. “Having worked in marketing for over 7 years within the corporate world, I had an urge to work for myself and market my own brand. I was inspired to create my own brand and operate a business guided by the principles I felt strongly about – elegant and affordable nightwear options and my love of health and wellness,” she reflects.

Natalija_Coloured Head Shot[1]

28 year old Natalija chats to Bondi Beauty about her new sleepwear.


“The luxury of having your own brand is that the possibilities are endless. I love designing and creating pieces that make women feel as beautiful as they deserve, even when they’re dreaming.

It’s also inspiring to meet like-minded people, and support and collaborate with Australian talent.”

She is motivated by beautiful things including vintage pattern books, her travels, and pieces she discovers in her daily life; “My debut sleepwear range Floral Impressions, sees flowered kimono-sleeve robes and flowing nighties created with a colour palette reminiscent of the wild canvas of nature’s best. Impressionist artists Claude Monet and Edgar Degas are also a key inspiration to this collection.

“The Parisian artists capture images with bold colours and show accurate depictions of light in its changing qualities. There’s something romantic about it all – the bright turquoise of Degas’ ballerina dresses and Monet’ watercolour landscapes are echoed through Floral Impressions.”

Night time rituals are a big part of Natalija’s outlook, and she encourages everyone to review they down and ensure they take some time out at the end of every day to reflect. She explains her night time routine:”The evening time is my time and I have a ritual to ensure I am relaxed, rested and ready to have the best sleep so that I can wake up lively. My favourite thing is to use an oil burner and fill my home with a soothing fragrance like lavender.

“I find it’s a great way to balance my inner self before bed. I also get so excited when its bedtime as I get to slide into one my garments. They feel amazing, and I feel beautiful wearing them. That’s the only way women should be feeling when they go to sleep.”


What is your bedtime routine?




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