Wearing Mis-Matched Jewellery? You’re Right On Trend.

Young girl wearing one earring looking into the distance.

The newly established fashion movement of mismatched jewellery is taking off with big names including Alicia Keys and Emma Watson confidently rocking the asymmetrical look.

Emma Watson wearing one earring.
The one-sided earring look adds another dimension to the overall outfit.

Wearing unmatching jewellery adds a whole new dimension to your outfit and in some cases can become the central element that the rest of your clothing look is built around.

The somewhat unusual trend has actually been popping up quite frequently in the past year, particularly at red carpet events and festivals.

In order to successfully wear mismatched jewellery, it requires the coupling of two completely different earrings that harmoniously join forces to create a completely quirky yet put together look. 

Some of the most awe-inspiring takes on the trend include the pairing of a statement earring alongside a simple stud as well as a courageous teaming of different length drops.

The great thing about this new trend is that the combination of possibilities are literally endless.

Earrings are now being sold as mismatched pairs which have been uniquely figured to not match each other but have a slight resemblance.

The contrast creates a beautiful misbalance of shapes and sizes, taking your outfit to another level.

Another highly sort out earring look are constellation style earrings.

Constellation style earrings are exactly how they sound.

Mimicking star patterns in the night sky, piercings are made in small groups on the cartilage or earlobe to create the visual appearance of a constellation. 

Earrings worn for this trend are usually small, dainty studs or rings to truly mimic the presence of stars.

Curating this look allows you to arrange and pierce your ears based on your particular ear shape.

Since every ear shape is different, you are guaranteed your own unique earring style.

Both the asymmetrical and constellation earring styles can be playfully designed to suit any occasion or event.

Not to mention, you no longer have to throw out that odd earring that’s lost its matching twin.

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