Achieve Your Best Skin Yet With These 4 Face Masks

Your skin goes through a lot. Stress, poor diet, the sun, and pollution, all affect your skin’s conditions, leaving your skin weary, dry and dull.

Achieve your best skin yet by treating yourself to face masks.

Treat your skin to a face mask and wake up with glowing, fresh and hydrated skin with our four face masks picks.

June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque RRP $87.00  

The Good Stuff: contains sweet almond oil and vitamin E to soften, moisturise and overall improve skin’s condition. With natural ingredients such as papaya, mango and pineapple extract, this mask acts as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to help improve skin’s complexion.

It works for: This is a very gentle mask and works for all skin types. It works if you are looking for a gentle mask that will help hydrate the skin and help improve uneven and dull skin. Apply once or twice a week for three to ten minutes to get maximum results.

June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Masque RRP $75.00

The Good Stuff: contains mandarin extract and Vitamin C to boost the skin’s collagen level. The Mandarin extract works to soothes inflammation kills bacteria and provides anti-oxidant protection.

It Works For: If you have normal to healthy skin and aren’t prone to acne or acne scars (lucky you), this is a gentle mask that will help hydrate and soften your skin, without irritating it. Use once or twice a week for three to ten minutes to achieve maximum results.

Derma E Essentials: Overnight Peel RRP $29.99

 The Good Stuff: contains hydroxyl acids which help remove dead skin cells and glycolic sugar cane and fruit acids to even out skin tone, pigmentation and age spots.

It Works For: If you are looking for a quick and easy mask, this is the stuff for you. Make sure to apply a thick layer and leave overnight to reveal fresh and glowing skin the next day. This product is free from any harsh chemicals and is 100% vegan and works for all skin types.

Erno Laszlo Hydrate and Nourish Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment RRP $80.00

 The Good Stuff: contains provitamin B5, comfrey root and zinc extract. Comfrey root is a natural source to soothe skin repair and renewal and works well all skin types. Zinc extract is a natural antiseptic and calms the skin and helps remove any bacteria and toxins to the skin.

It Works For: If you are having one of those awful skin days where your skin just needs a little TLC, this is the perfect mask for you. This iconic product has been formulated to help hydrate, soothe and instantly plump your skin’s complexion. This is a two-step hydrating mask and you will feel a light tingling sensation as the mask works to calm damn spots and instantly plump the skin. Apply a generous layer to your skin (best to apply a thick layer as this is a peel-off mask) and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove any residue with warm water or your preferred toner.

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