The 10 Best Celebrity Skincare and Makeup Brands

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Here is the ultimate list of the 10 best celebrity makeup and skincare brands.

Celebrities have always been a face of beauty over the decades, but over the past few years they have shifted and transformed the beauty industry with their own brands.

Maintaining clear, glowy and youthful skin is part of the celebrity repertoire – especially in the digital age where cameras are all-pervasive and master extreme closeups.

From dramatic red carpet looks, to talk show appearances and long-haul flights, celebrities certainly know what they’re talking about when it comes to skincare that actually works.

Conquering heavy makeup looks, lengthy days, and being amongst top-tier experts in the skin industry, celebrities have the most insightful knowledge as to what it’s like to keep skin healthy and youthful.

Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore are all celebrities who have entered the beauty industry with their own brand, and have nailed it with their great products.

These are the 10 best celebrity brands for makeup.

Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin by Rihanna

Not only did the ultimate cool girl, Rihanna, enter the beauty industry but she transformed the notion that celebrities can’t have a successful makeup brand.

Launched in 2017, Rihanna entered Sephora and opened up the conversation about inclusivity across skin tones and gender, especially with its first launch of the Pro Filt’R foundation, with diverse 40 shades, shaping the beauty industry to have a more inclusive and diverse foundation shade range.

For the skincare line, Riri has also generated a simple, six-product, skin care line made for all skin types. The range is most known for being gender-inclusive, versatile, vegan and sustainable as well as leaving skin with a squeaky-clean finish.

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has had success with her certified organic skincare line, ‘Kora Organics’, winning awards like Elle International Beaty Awards and Allure Best of Beauty Awards. The products use natural ingredients, without GMOs, artificial colours, toxins and artificial fragrances. They are ingested with the energy of a Rose Quartz, which Kerr is known to carry in her handbag. Kerr likes to say that “healthy skin is the most beautiful”, and all the products seek to preserve the health and beauty of natural skin.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

Rare Beauty is not only a fantastic celebrity beauty brand by Selena Gomez, but it advocates for mental health support and education, with 1% of all sales being donated to Rare Impact Fund.

The brand has blown up on TikTok, and for good reason. The products are all about embracing individual natural beauty and it’s cream blushes, liquid highlighters and foundation.

Rhode Beauty by Hailey Bieber

Skincare queen and supportive wife Hailey Bieber has finally announced the launch of her celebrity beauty brand. ‘Rhode Beauty’, named using her middle name.

According to Mrs Bieber, it’ll be ‘cool and attainable’ and will most likely result in the famous ‘glazed donut’ complexion.

Though long-awaited, it was sure to have been time well spent perfecting the finest of formulas. Rhode Beauty is set to come out in June 2022.

Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore is as glorious a product range as the name.

This cruelty-free celebrity brand is easily accessible as it is available. You can easily puchase it in Australia at Chemist Warehouse and the range is all under $20, but the product range is known for its quality products including the dewy skin look with foundations, highlighters and blushes.

Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba

Actress and mother, Jessica Alba is most renowned for her youthful appearance, and her secrets are unmasked through her makeup line.

Alba claims that she suffers from sensitive skin that gets easily irritated. However, with her revolutionary products that help bind and retain moisture for the skin’s various layers, dehydration and itchiness are alleviated, and instead creating rich, firm and supple skin.

Rose Inc. by Rosie Huntington-Whitley

Self-proclaimed ‘skinimalist’ and model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley established beauty brand, Rose Inc’ affords its users with effortless yet effective beauty.

Rose Inc, a sustainable and clean beauty brand by supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitley has become a staple in the beauty industry.

Focusing on sustainable synthetic ingredients to promote clean beauty, this brand has a beautiful range of products that will enhance one’s natural beauty in both skincare and cosmetics.

Inspired by her career in the fashion industry, the brand drops collections similarly to seasonal fashion brands.

Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner

The launch of Kylie Cosmetics changed the beauty industry and put lip kits- liquid lipsticks and lip liners- on the map.

A brand that started with its infamous lip kits to achieve Kylie Jenner’s very own signature plump pout with shades like Kylie, Koko K and Candy K, the brand has expanded its range and has beautiful blushes, eyeliners and highlighters.

Kylie also has launched Kylie Skin succeeding her beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics. Founded in 2019, the brand has seen much success. Jenner ensured that her products were totally cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free and sulphate-free. As a result, the products are lightweight and super refreshing. This is a straightforward collection of staples that tick all the skincare boxes.

KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian

Another brand by the Kardashian-Jenner empire, KKW Beauty has also become a popular celebrity makeup brand and went viral with its iconic contour sticks.

Not only is Kim Kardashian the face and name of the brand, but it is also supported by her very own celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, so you know its makeup artist approved.

The rebranding of KKW Beauty is launching soon.

KNOW Beauty by Madison Beer and Vanessa Hudgens 

Singer, Madison Beer and actress/broadway star, Vanessa Hudgens have collaborated to devise KNOW Beauty.

Both have been in the spotlight since they were young and have undergone skin concerns of their own.

They’ve also teamed up with dermatologist, Dr. Karen Kagha to know and understand the science of great skin. The brand encourages customers to complete their My Skin DNA Kit. In exchange, they offer a personalised skincare routine.

Keys SoulCare by Alicia Keys

Update your skin routine with Alicia Key’s ‘Keys SoulCare’ beauty brand.

The emergence of this range was inspired by Keys’ public vouch, in 2016, to never wear makeup again.

She has mentioned how ditching products has helped her love herself and feel free from social expectations. Clearly, Keys’ skincare line is more about skin, it’s about self-care at a much deeper level.

The clean and cruelty-free line was made in partnership with dermatologist Renee Snyder and will most certainly have you feeling confident enough to go without makeup.

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