This Body Moisturiser Will Prolong Your Self-Tan, And It’s Only $15

prolong fake tan

This body moisturiser from the supermarket is a game changer to pro-long self-tan-and it’s only $15.

Lathering in the right body moisturiser day and night is the secret to healthy looking, smooth skin from head to toe, especially after self tan.

Not only does body moisturiser have amazing benefits for the skin such as keeping it silky smooth and reducing cracks and dryness, but it is also a great way to prolong self-tan and keep it looking smooth and glowy. 

Why is body moisturiser important for prolonging self tan?

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Keeping the skin moisturised a few days after applying self-tan is essential to make your tan last longer.

Using a body moisturiser that has humectants, such as glycerin, shea butter or hyaluronic acid will bring water to the skin, aka deeply hydrate the skin.

Other hydrating ingredients to look for include rich body butters, silky oils and hyaluronic-acid.

Essano Daily Hydration Body Lotion RRP $15

This one supermarket  product is ideal to make your self tan last a lot longer.

The Essano Daily Hydration Body Lotion is packed with hydrating ingredients including hyaluronic acid, glycerin, shea butter and vitamins E & C to lock in hydration, making it perfect for keeping the self-tan looking fabulous.

Some Insider Tips For The Longest Self Tan Ever 

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Here are a few tips on the best ways to prolong fake tan in between self-tan applications.

Moisturise the skin 

Moisturising the skin will keep the skin glowing and hydrated which will allow the self-tan to not crack or become patchy after application. 

Avoid drying ingredients 

Ingredients such as alcohol and petroleum should be avoided when it comes to moisturising the skin post-tan. 

These ingredients can be drying to the skin, therefore will cause the self-tan to crack or fade faster. 

Have a self tan spray to use on day 4 to top up the tan and give it a day or two longer.

The Model Co Tan Water is a great option to spray and glow.

In cooler weather consider only tanning the parts of the body exposed to the world including your face, chest and arms, unless you want to look sexy sans clothes then the whole body is necessary.

Consider trying tanning drops on the face as they are natural, quick and easy and not dehydrating.

Just mix a couple of drops to your favourite moisturiser and you are good to go.

A beauty fave and staple are the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops. Or try new Aussie brand, Basics Gradual Face Tan.

Put moisturiser on your nails (toes and hands) to prevent nail polish discolouration.

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