The DIY Nail Trends We Know You’re Going to Love

the diy nail trends of 2021

From multi-coloured nails, press on nails to next level French manicures and wild patterns – these are the DIY nail trends you should be rocking.

DIY nail trends started trending back in 2020 during lockdown around the country.

Although places like IKEA, KMART, TARGET, Woolworths, Coles and Bunnings stayed open so you could continue you DIY home projects, salons were closed and we had to adapt to new ways of giving ourselves at-home beauty makeovers.

This included nails, as nail salons had to go on hiatus. This then led to a resurgence of press-on nails, as well as a number of new trends in nail art which you could DIY at home, with a few simple products found at your local supermarket or department store – thankfully they never closed down last year, or we may not have made it! Am I right?

Rolling into 2021, those DIY nail trends are gaining even more momentum. With nail polish, there are no rules.

Skittle Nails:

This idea refers to painting each of your nails a different colour. You can do them in varying tones of one colour, or simply spin the colour wheel with your eyes closed and see where you end up. The best thing about this trend is that the only skill it requires is for you to be able to paint your own nails. These nails pair well with existing jewellery, be it your rings or even wrist accessories.

Skittle Nails: The DIY Nail Trends We Know You’re Going to Love

Press on Nails:

Press on nails have come back into fashion within the past couple of years. One of the best things about them is that they are easier to remove than the acrylic nails you get at salons. Additionally, if you don’t like the shape or design of the press on nails that you’ve bought, you can file them in to shape, buff off the pattern on the top and then paint them to your preference! 

One of the best things about Press on nails is that they are easier to remove than the acrylic nails you get at salons

Expert Tip for Removing the Press on Nails: Mix up a bowl of soapy hot water, add in a squeeze of argon oil and soak your fingers in it for as long as needed. Then, you should be able to lightly press the nails off. 

And for salon applied acrylic nails – A recent DIY on-line trend suggests you can remove salon applied acrylic nails with a mixture of canola oil, dish soap and warm water. Now, I know that when I used to try and remove my acrylic nails by using acetone (a popular recommendation) it never really worked and just made my skin tingle, so the jury is still out on this new suggestion but I’ll definitely be giving it a go.

French Manicures:

Use bright colours for a fresh take on the French Manicure. To paint your own perfect French tips, try putting nail polish on the bottom of your finger and then gently pressing this on to the top of the nail you are currently painting. If the edges of your French tips are still turning out like a Jackson Pollock painting, you can try buying – or finding at home – a glitter pen from the dollar store and painting a line along the edge where the two colours of your manicure meet. 

Use bright colours for a fresh take on the French Manicure.

Nail Stickers:

Nail stickers are a good option for anyone who wants to have fine details on their nails without paying for a custom set. These are easy to use, and much friendlier on your wallet. Plus, they give you the option to express yourself in your own way, and curate your own perfect set. 

Nail Stickers are an easy, fun option.

Negative Space:

Incorporating negative space into your nail art is becoming a trend for a number of reasons, and at least one of those is because it lessens the need to redo your nails every week or two. If you do your nail art and leave negative space near the bottom (around the nailbed) the appearance of grown out nails will be much less obvious. 

Negative space allows you to do your nails less often.


You don’t have to be a nail technician to have beautiful, patterned nail art! You can try using a fine tipped paint brush, or simply twisting your nail polish brush on its side. You can also try cutting tape into the shapes you want, sticking it on to your nails and then painting over it. 

Expert Tip: This one is for if you want to try and give your nails a textured, marble look without going to the salon. You can try scribbling over a plain white press-on nail with a couple of different coloured sharpies, and then simply paint over it with acetone while it’s still drying.

Patterns are a great way to embrace cold weather, especially in metallics.

MacGyver Nails: 

An artist on Tik Tok called @cstutorialz has become famous for using a series of random household items to create her nail art. She has produced fake nails for herself sustainably using pieces of a toothbrush, plastic straws, leaves and even cookie dough! Like using an orange peel for a nail – yes you heard that right.

You can take inspiration from her by using bits and bobs around your house (like paper towels) to create your own fake nails using nail glue and gel, instead of paying for a press-on set. This is good for the environment too.

At the end of the day, whether you want to update your style with one of these nail trends, some wrist accessories, or even a ring, doing it right will give your outfit the 2021 upgrade it needs.

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Victoria is a guest contributor for Bondi Beauty, who writes about a variety of fitness, beauty and health topics. She is a freelance writer who works for a variety of different publications across Australia, as she loves having the flexibility to write for different brands about different subjects.

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