How To Master Kylie Jenner’s Rainbow Manicure



Rainbow nails have become the hottest style-craze of the season, so much so, that the infamous trend-setting Kylie Jenner is sporting them too.

With Winter approaching and the days getting gloomier, bright, multi-coloured nails are popping up all over Instagram.  

From block colours to rainbow French tips, this is your ultimate guide to a flawless nail look this season.

The first basic rule of mastering the rainbow manicure is to paint each nail a different colour.

If you are going for a more symmetrical vibe, you can mirror the pattern if one hand on the other.

The tricky part, however, is that the colours must work seamlessly together.

For example, you may want to stick to 5 different pastel shades so that there is some sort of unison amongst the colours even if they are all different.

Of course, there are no concrete rules as to what colours match best, but to save time (and a whole lot of nail polish remover), it is a good idea to test out swatches of each nail polish on a piece of paper.

This gives you a chance to sort out which colours sit well together as well as in which sequence.

Kylie Jenner Rainbow French Tips In Car
Kylie Jenner sporting a gorgeous set of rainbow French Tips

In order to successfully re-create the outline of the infamous French tip like Kylie Jenner you will need band-aids.

Keep in mind that both your nails and the band-aid may need to be shaped accordingly beforehand in order to get the desired result.

After applying a base coat and letting it dry, stick the band-aid or sticky tap on top of your nail leaving a gap to paint your French tip with the coloured polish.

Simply apply a clear top coat and voila. 

If you need some colour inspiration, here are some of the gorgeous nails colours the Bondi Beauty team have been obsessing over this season from less to luxe.

9 Lisboa by Mavala RRP $8.50

From their pearl range, Mavala brings us this shimmery bubble-gum pink shade which is warm and playful.

It is the perfect option if you are going for a more feminine array of colours for your rainbow manicure.

Hue Is The Artist? by OPI RRP $10.50

The OPI Mexico City Collection hosts an array of colours to pick from.

One of our all-time favourites is the shade Hue Is The Artist? which mimics the hue of a pale lilac or muted lavender shade.

This nail polish would be a great addition to a pastel themed manicure.

Seaside Nail Lacquer by Butter London RRP $15

Butter London’s metallic lacquer range includes the shade Seaside, which is a blue-ish turquoise colour.

This is a great option if you are going for a metallic-based rainbow manicure.

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