How to have beautiful skin in 6 easy steps

There’s nothing better than clear, clean glowing skin.

There are things you can do for clean, glowing skin every day.

Here are six ways to ensure your skin is glowing at its best.

1) Make sunscreen your new best friend. Your skin can’t get enough protection from the sun, especially at this time of year. You need sunscreen every day, and if you work out at lunch time, you need it put it on before and after. This is the single most important product in your skin care routine. My favourite is La Roche Posay’s Anthelios XL Spray SPF 50+. $34.95

The new spray version of Anthelios’ sun screen is easy to ruse on the run.

2) Cold Water is a great stimulant for your face – and the icier, the better. Splash some on straight after a run or a workout as well as first thing in the morning. A swim in the ocean first thing in the morning is even better.

3) Use moisturiser regularly. Sounds basic, but you’d be surprised how many women don’t use it twice a day and forget to apply it. Take the time to go to a cosmetic counter and try different products to find the one that works for you. Remember you don’t have to pay a lot, but you do need to find the one that’s the right for for your skin.

Jurlique’s firming face oil keeps skin supple and smooth.

4) Try a face oil instead of moisturiser. Many skin types flourish with face oils, so don’t be afraid to try one and see how your skin responds. I love Jurlique’s face oils, and am using purely age-defying firming face oil right now.$65.00

5) Facial Massage: When applying face oils or moisturiser, massage them into your skin in circular motions, so you stimulate the blood flow, facial muscles, and encourage your skin to absorb all of the goodness.

6) Apply moisturiser straight after your shower. A body moisturiser is a beautiful way to spoil yourself after a shower, and find one that feels and smells good. It will smooth your skin and leave you feeling special. I like Crabtree & Evelyn’s honey & peach blossom body lotion. $32.00

Crabtree & Evelyn’s honey and peach blossom body lotion smooths onto skin.


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