Aveda now at Bondi Junction. Go find your chakra.



The new Aveda store at Bondi Junction brings every element of the natural skin care brand to life – there’s even a live plant wall.


Bondi Beauty Founder Renae Leith-Manos with Aveda’s Kristen Grimley at the launch of the new Bondi Junction store.

 But it’s the new range of chakra body mists hailing from Indian Ayurvedan healing traditions that’s got us talking.

Aveda has long been the bastion of natural skin and hair care. From products with no parabens to products packaged in sustainable, hand made materials, there’s lots to love about this beauty brand.

The premise of the new chakra body mist range is that we have 7 chakras or energy centres, and when they are in sync, we feel healthy, happy and balanced. The 7 chakras run from the forehead to the base of the spine, and when balanced help us look and feel calm, grounded and beautiful.


The new Aveda chakra body mists help balance your energy centres.

In store, you are asked to select 3 of the 7 chakra cards, depending on how you feel in that very moment. From wisdom to intention, harmony and insight, each represents a chakra, our body’s energy centre.

From the 3 cards you select, you then smell each fragrance and which ever most appeals to you is what your body needs that day.

I selected chakra 1 – grounded. Chakra 1 is located at the base of the spine near the tailbone and relates to security and basic needs.

It’s said that when this chakra is balanced, one has good energy, a feeling of security and healthy body awareness. Given I am currently moving house, and I’d just done a biathlon before doing the chakra test, it makes sense that I might be a bit out of whack in this area.

When this chakra is imbalanced, one feels lethargy, resistance to change and the need to slow down.

The fragrance really appealed to me, and I felt calm and centred when wearing it. Lets be honest – you’re not going to shift your energy with the spray of a fragrance, but you are going to help put yourself in the right head space to be open to change and to go forwards.

Check out Aveda.


The beautiful new Aveda store, Bondi Junction.







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